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Our Review Process

The editors reviews at VPNandUsenetReviews are thorough and comprehensive. VPN and Usenet services are tested, evaluated, and compared against their peers. Editors reviews include a large writeup and feature listing.

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews are included with each service provider. Customer reviews of VPN and Usenet services include ratings for categories based on a five star maximum. Reviews and ratings from editors and customers determine who makes the Top 5.

VPN customer reviews and Usenet customer reviews

Comparison Tables

Our comparison tables are second to none and allow you to quickly compare the service providers. Features, prices, and reviews are compared for the top providers in a side by side fashion. Compare low, medium, and high plans from top rated VPN and Usenet service providers quickly and easily.

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In Depth Reviews & Speed Test Results

We take the service out for a test drive and record real life speed results. VPN reviews include speed test results utilizing speedtest.net and speed test software. In depth reviews of the service, including the servers, shows how the VPN is performing. Speed test results include ping, download, and upload speeds. Multiple runs are recorded and averages are computed for various servers or countries.

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VyprVPN OpenVPN 160bit Aug 2011 Speed Test

Screenshots, Screenshots, Screenshots!

We use a lot of pictures. Check out screenshots of software, web control panels, and more. Whether we are doing a VPN review or a Usenet review we will always do our best to include as many pictures as possible. See what the VPN client software looks like before you buy or install. Compare VPN services and compare Usenet services with ease.

We have a ton of screenshots and pictures!