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How do I add my own user reviews and feedback?

Simple!  Just click on the “User Reviews” link on the particular VPN or Usenet service you wish to rate.  A comment box will open and you will be able to type your feedback, as well as rate the service.

User’s can provide a star ratings on each service in categories such as Price, Speed, Retention, Protection, Reliability, and Support.  To learn more about our particular review format, see our learning page on the formats and have a look at the graphical explanation.

All User Reviews will be held for moderation for a short period of time (usually only a few hours, always less than 24 hours).  This is due to spam comments being received on many of our posts and reviews.  Editors will not revise or make changes to any User Review unless extremely profane language is used.  Editors may, if they feel need, supply an “Editor’s Note” to the end of a comment.  Editor’s Notes will always appear at the bottom, and always in italics.  This may happen if, for example, a User Review comments on a portion of the Editor Review and the editor would like to clarify, or add something.  It may also happen if we get something wrong, and a user points it out!  (hey, nobody’s perfect…)

Remember your reviews go a long way to determining how our Top Providers are determined!  Your reviews also determine the post order on our home page.  Top rated providers will get a spotlight in the Top 5, appear on the Comparison Tables, and be placed first on the home page!  To learn more about how the Top providers are determined please visit this learning page.