Giganews डील – 50% डायमंड असीमित यूज़नेट बंद!

Post Icon एक विशेष पर है Giganews! Our visitors can now signup for the Giganews Diamond plan and receive unlimited Usenet service for 50% बंद! This special deal cuts the price of the Giganews Diamond plan in half for the first three months. Regularly $29.99/month, the Giganews Diamond plan includes Unlimited Usenet, असीमित वीपीएन, and Online Storage from Dump Truck. Taking advantage of our special deal cuts the cost per month to only $14.99! An absolutely amazing deal for a big package of 3 services: यूजनैट, वीपीएन, and Online Storage. Save over $45 off the regular price with our special deal during your first 3 months with Giganews. Our editors have rated Giganews extremely well for the value of their packages. Speeds tested are high for both Usenet and the VPN service. In addition, both the VPN and Online Storage are 100% mobile ready with apps and widgets for Android/iOS. That’s less than twenty bucks a month for unlimited Usenet and unlimited VPN service!

Giganews Diamond Special


Premium unlimited Usenet and unlimited VPN service for $14.99/mo*!
(*$14.99 month for the first three months!)

Unlimited Usenet and VPN plus Free Online Storage!

Giganews Unlimited Usenet
VyprVPN Unlimited VPN
Dump Truck Online Storage

This special deal is only available to new customers. Signup now and get access to all three services immediately. At only $14.49/month this is an awesome deal for a big package. Premium unlimited Usenet from Giganews, High speed VPN from VyprVPN, and free online storage from Dump Truckall for one low price. Giganews includes 50 connections, 256bit SSL a free newsreader, and unlimited downloads. VyprVPN includes unlimited personal VPN from your desktop or mobile device. Dump Truck offers free online storage with the ability to sync and store your files in the cloud.

We have taken a detailed look through Giganews and the entire bundle. बाहर की जाँच करें हमारे editors Giganews review with user reviews, उपयोगकर्ता की समीक्षा के साथ संपादकों VyprVPN समीक्षा, VyprVPN OpenVPN की गहन समीक्षा की और गति का परीक्षण में, और गहन समीक्षा और VyprVPN PPTP की स्पीड टेस्ट में & L2TP वीपीएन. हम यह भी है हमारे विंडोज के लिए VyprVPN एप्लिकेशन पर अंदर देखो and a look at the all new online storage from Dump Truck. Our editors are definitely pleased with the big bundle from Giganews on their Diamond plan. At less than twenty dollars a month, this is a steal!

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Giganews डील – 50% डायमंड असीमित यूज़नेट बंद!51
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  1. Anonymous says:
    June 19th, 2013 पर 6:38 PM

    The new signup with them is a great deal but their usenet is full of posts that dont complete 🙁 Retention is super high and the included vpn works well on iphone and ipad.

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