Editor Ratings Explained

How do you justify your editor ratings?

Our editor ratings and their reviews are based on a careful review of the service provider and their products/services.  Editor’s often have direct experience with the company and their services, so they will base their review on these past experience(s).  The editor may also have friends/family that have used the company or service, and in that case, they will use that second-party information as well.

The editor ratings and reviews try to provide as much detail and hands-on discussion regarding the company and service as possible.  Editors will spend time on the company website, browse forums for customer feedback, and personally check out the service themselves (whenever possible).

We prefer to have editors write reviews when they have actually used the company and service.  Since our editors have been around VPN and Usenet services for such a long time, it’s very easy to hit the big players that have been in business for awhile.  However, for new companies or new services, we may not be able to achieve our goal.  In this case, the editor will spend more time researching and comparing the new company and their service to what else is on the market.  Then later on, we will come back to the review and update it.

The ratings that editors provide are reflective of the sum of all the information available on the company and service.  5 stars is our highest rating, and we typically reserve the 5 star rating for companies and services that are well deserving.  Editor ratings will closely follow the hard data on the company or service.

For example, a usenet provider with the highest retention in days will set the 5 star “bar” in the retention category.  Other companies that have less retention will not be able to achieve a 5 star rating in this category.  If Provider A has 1000 days, Provider B has 900 days, Provider C has 850 days, and Provider D has 600 days the ratings will go as follows:  Provider A – 5 stars, Provider B – 4.5 stars, Provider C – 4 stars, Provider D – 3 or 3.5 stars.

As the companies and their services change, the editor ratings might also change.  When this happens the review will be updated and the star ratings will be revised.  Extending the retention example, the recent wave of retention upgrades (news article) caused the editors to update the reviews and modify the star ratings for many providers.  A great number of providers saw their retention rating increase as a result.  We like to keep our reviews current, ratings fresh, and our editors on their toes!

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