1000 Days Retention at Newshosting & UseNetServer

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The binary retention wars continue! Newshosting ak UseNetServer have both reached 1,000 days of binary retention and will continue increasing retention daily. We previously wrote about the massive retention increases going on, and that Giganews was the first provider to reach 1000 jou. This means we now have 3 providers in the 1000 day club!

From their press release: With over 99% article completion, this means that both Usenet providers offer a massive database of articles across their global network. Users worldwide are able to access petabytes upon petabytes of files fast and securely from the Newshosting ak UseNetServer databases, with terabytes of new files added daily.

Amazing improvement by all 3 providers increasing their retention to 1000 jou. Let’s hope the binary retention wars continue! Congrulations to Newshosting and Usenetserver for this achievement!

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