2014 Рекапитулација и Последње Довнтиме

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We are BACK!

My, how the scene has changed in only a few short months. Where to begin

2014 was full of drama in the Usenet and VPN universe. Да ствар буде гора, our website took a huge dump in the Summer. No thanks to the hosting company, the spammers, hackers, and apparently even other similar websites. In 2014 this site was spammed, targeted by hackers, and even copied and re-hosted under a similar URL by competing similar websitesall apparently in an attempt to shut us down. Зашто? We have no clue. This site barely turns enough advertisement money to pay for the annual hosting fee and Akismet spam-blocker costs. Perhaps we pissed someone off, who knows. Here’s a short list of our personal drama from 2014:


But enough about little old us. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from 2014 in the Usenet and VPN universe:


вов, now that’s a list of drama. And I’m sure it’s missing a few items as wellbut there just isn’t enough time or space to cover it all. We’re still leaving out the 2014 Snowden reveals, the Sony hacking andThe Interviewmovie fiasco, Target/HD/Staples mass credit card thefts, and oh about a dozen other related events. 2014 seems like a long year

So where do we go for 2015? Добро, we’ve decided to continue marching, despite the setbacks and challenges.

You should see some more updates from VPNandUsenetReviews.com in the near future. Look for us to renew the No Logs! analysis of the VPN providers, and also look fore more discussion on whats happening with Usenet. Even after all these years, Usenet is still changing and adapting. Let’s hope we can too! Good luck to all in 2015, stay safe out there and always remember what goes together like Peanut Butter and Jelly…ВПН и Усенет!



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