A Short Word on Spam: 1 Year Snapshot with Akismet

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This site receives a ton of spam. There is so much spam the ratio of real comment to spam is laughable. It’s like that anywhere. Accept comments? Thanks, here’s thousands of spam every day. Of course we aren’t the first to complain about spam. Hell, spam is an industry. So is anti-spam. Running a site on the web now basically requires a certain knowledge of spam. Spam can come in many flavors: easy to spot, poor english, and retarded links. Oswa, it can be continuous negative comments bombarding hourly. Oswa, it can literally be jibberish and wingdings. Oswa, it can be an offer to trade comments or some such nonsense. We have been fortunate to see all that and more while operating this simple site. Se konsa,, we thought we’d share. Below we have a year snapshot of spam data for this website. Our anti-spam tool of choice is Akismet.

one year of spam

To give a little context we have maybe 150-200 real comments over approximately the same time period. That means we are something like 67:1 in favor of spam over real comments. Haha! Wait, we shouldn’t be laughing at thatbut we will anyway. The saving grace is Akismet.

Akismet is anti-spam. It’s so awesome…li nan 99.66% more awesome than normal awesome. In a 12 month period, Akismet anti-spam caught 99.66% of the spam received by the site. Did we tell you it’s free? Yeah, it’s free too.

We like to do an objective review here at VPNandUsenetReviews.com. That’s why we actually test out the services we review and write full in-depth articles ak actual speed tests. That’s also why we thought it would be cool to have a short word on spam, and throw a huge shout-out to Akismet. Akismet is awesome, and they deserve it. The numbers and the data do not lie. That’s real evidence from our experience that we can share with you. Exactly how we will continue to operate, regardless of how much spam comes our way!

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