Astraweb Increases Speeds to 10mbit/sec!

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Astraweb has increased the download speed on their DSL plan to 10mbit/sec!  This speed increase doubles the download speed for customers on their DSL plans.  Previously the speed was capped at 5mbit/sec.  This was the fastest download speed available at Astraweb, and although it may seem slow in comparison to other providers, remember that Astraweb has some seriously low prices.  The unlimited DSL plan, although it has doubled in speed, still remains at a low $10 a month.  Kudos to Astraweb for improving the service significantly while not raising the prices at all!

The guys at Astraweb have also introduced a new 3 months 10mbit plan for only $20.  This is awesome because it gives customers the ability to purchase at a discount, while avoiding a lengthy contract.  At only $20 for 3 months of unlimited Usenet it works out to less than $7/mo!

Astraweb rocks in 2012! Only $20 for 3 months!

One other plan was added to the list at Astraweb, and this one is most interesting.  Most folks are familiar with unlimited monthly vs capped plans.  Block plans have some download quota (e.g. download size limit): 5GB/10GB/20GB, whatever.  You get that “Block” and when it’s gone it’s gone.  Time really isn’t a factor.  Well, Astraweb has added a 1000GB Block Plan for $50!  That’s a huge block at a very reasonable price.  We could easily see someone saving a ton of money over an extended period of time with this block.  Think of it this way: how much do you actually use per month? 20GB? 50GB? 100GB… Let’s say 100GB to make the math easy.  The 1000GB plan gives you roughly 10 months figuring that 100GB per month.  A comparable Unlimited plan would have cost $100+ over the same ten month period.  The 1000GB Block Plan only cost $50, it’s a 50% discount.  That discount goes up as your GB/month consumption goes down.  Not many people regularly do 100GB month downloads.  Cut that in half to 50GB/month and you could 20 months on $50 potentially saving $150 vs a comparable unlimited plan for the same time period.  Did we lose you through all that?  Well try this on for size, the next closest block plan is 180GB for $25.  So, for double that you can get 1000GB.  See why we said this one was interesting?

Retention at Astraweb has been consistently improving and is now over the 1500 day mark.  Paypal has been added as a payment source and things are looking good for the future!

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