Astrill VPN Updates – 44 Countries, Discounts, & New Software!

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Astrill VPN has made quite a few updates to their service this summer.  Perhaps the biggest update is the expansion of the number of countries offered.  Just six months ago they stood at 4 countries available, now they are showing 44 countries available!  That’s an amazing achievement when you consider they accomplished the expansion in just under 6 months!

They have also changed their pricing structure and available plans.  They no longer offer a 1 month plan, and have removed recurring/automatic payment.  Their short term plan is now 3 months, with 6 and 12 month options also available.  We have lined up a special discount deal on Astrill VPN for all visitors!  The 3 month plan is now only $19.46, or $6.49/month! Head over to the special discount deal announcement to learn more about this amazing discounted rate for Astrill VPN.

Astrill has also recently released version 2.2 of their Astril VPN software client.  Astrill VPN uses OpenVPN protocol and has their own proprietary software that makes installation and operation of the VPN service a breeze.  Updates in Astril VPN client v2.2 include:

In the near future we will be adding screenshots of the Astril VPN v2.2 client software to go along with all of these updates!  Congratulations to Astrill for the expansion into 44 countries and the software updates – and thanks for providing with a special discount for our visitors!

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One Response to “Astrill VPN Updates – 44 Countries, Discounts, & New Software!”

  1. susan says:
    July 30th, 2011 at 3:26 am

    Dear Editor

    I tried to click the link but the still gives me the original price.
    what I did wrong?

    looking forward to your reply


    editors note: Hi Susan! We are so sorry! We just checked with Astrill and they have informed us that the discounts are no longer valid for review websites. Bummer. Doesn’t make much sense to us, since review websites are where people come for information on providers, but it’s their call…We are sending you an email with some other options. Thank you for brining this to our attention and please accept our apology. We’ll delete this deal, and remove our advertisement 🙁

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