BREIN Hits Usenet Service Provider Hurting Binverse and Usenext

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BREIN, the dutch anti-piracy outfit, has won a court case in Amsterdam against the usenet provider  The decision has potential to impact Binverse and Usenext since they are known resellers of  The win by BREIN forces to remove all copyright infringing material or face $68,000/day in fines!  This could be a significant problem for (NSE), and in turn Binverse and Usenext.

TorrentFreak was one of the first to report on the decision by the court in Amsterdam and immediately highlighted the severity of the decision.  The CEO of NSE is quoted as saying, ““We are very disappointed with the Court’s verdict. It is technically as well as economically unfeasible to check the contents of the 15 to 20 million messages that are exchanged on a daily basis. Added to which, there is no automated way of checking whether Usenet messages contain copyrighted material or whether permission has been obtained for the distribution of such material.”  Obviously it’s not lost on the CEO that this could be the end of NSE.

But the impact to NSE could spell larger problems for the usenet community.  Although this is the first decision of it’s kind, the courts ruling has potential set precedence in forcing usenet service providers to remove copyright infringing material.  Since that can’t realistically be done due to the volume of traffic and messages on usenet, providers could end up stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The CEO of NSE spelled out the problem this way:  ““We see no way of complying with this verdict. Furthermore, the verdict endangers our very existence as a company, and is thus a threat to Usenet itself, as the facilitation of Usenet services has become impossible on the grounds of this verdict. The exchange of messages by means of this oldest of Internet services has de facto become impossible.”

Although it’s entirely possible that Binverse and Usenext will just start reselling usenet service from another provider, the verdict of the Amsterdam court has potential to impact the entire usenet market.  NSE can appeal the courts decision, but they have not yet indicated whether they intend to continue fighting.

Stay tuned to this story to see whether NSE appeals the courts decision and what happens to Binverse and Usenext.  As of this writing, both Binverse and Usenext were still up and running.  We wish them all the best as they work through this, and hope that NSE decides to fighting the good fight.  This decision could have every usenet provider a little on edge.

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