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CactusVPN has rolled out a very low cost DNS service for customers. Only $4.99/month for CactusVPN Smart DNS Service and you can unblock all the major high def streaming providers. This includes the big names like Netflix, Blaenddyfroedd, BBC, HBO Go and many other websites. The big benefit to Smart DNS service is that there is zero sacrifice in speed when connecting to the high def streams.

All too often VPN providers connections strain under the speed required to maintain a HD connection. Smart DNS service sidesteps the entire problem by actually removing the network connection from the equation. Simply change the DNS server settings on your internet enabled device and its off to the races! CactusVPN Smart DNS works with a variety of devices including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, smart TV’s, and video game consoles. DNS service itself is a great fit for internet enabled media devices like Smart TV’s. You don’t have to worry about a VPN connection or VPN software, all you need is ability to get online and access DNS settings.

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The unblocked websites list from CactusVPN is pretty extensive with more 30 sites listed currently. Like many providers offering DNS, they are open to suggestions, so feel free to drop them a line. DNS is the latest in removing geo-restrictions to paid media providers and it seems like every major VPN provider has this type of service. CactusVPN has done an excellent job of offering DNS as an inexpensive standalone for $4.99/month, or bundled with their VPN plan for $6.99/mo. When you consider the difference, it seems obvious to us to just get the bundle. After all, DNS does not protect your privacy or secure your online connection in any way. All it does it step around geo-ip blocking. Totally awesome for streaming high def, not so great for a security solution.

See the new Cactus VPN Software

CactusVPN software has also gotten a major facelift since our last round of screenshots. Refreshed and compatible with Windows and Mac, the Cactus VPN software provides easy access to VPN server selection and DNS service. Users can select VPN protocol or DNS service and the software also offers features such as auto-reconnect. The interface refresh on the software is much appreciated and we’re impressed with the new look and feel in the latest version. DNS users can opt to use the software, or just configure their DNS settings manuallywhich is likely easier on internet enabled media devices like Smart TVs and game consoles.

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