CryptoCloud Has Officially Bit the Dust

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It is no more.  Service and website completely down and not coming back.  CryptoCloud has bit the dust.  It’s not just you, it’s down for everyone.  A recent posting over at Cryptostorm confirms what some had suspected:  CryptoCloud simply could not overcome its troubles and has folded.  The good news is that current customers of CryptoCloud can get their service transferred over to Cryptostorm, free of charge.  Since 2007 CryptoCloud had been at the forefront of VPN services and secure networking.  Sadly they went out with a “bang” instead of a graceful exit.  Many customers complained of automatic payments for a service that didn’t exist.  Support inquiries with no response, and even now CryptoCloud maintains it was not their doing.  Sigh, just another day on the interwebs. 

The other “party” to the CryptoCloud implosion has issued their own statement.  It reads like a major mea culpa.  In other words, he done fucked up.  CryptoCloud, like many others (e.g. Lavabit), saw the storm clouds circling over head and wanted to get out of the way.  It’s no secret that the US government and NSA wield a pretty large sword, and CryptoCloud clearly wanted to change their business model to adapt.  Seems like that adaptation went rather roughly and ultimately caused the clunky shutdown and angered a lot of customers.  The forums over at Cyptostorm are full of interesting postings about what happened to Cryptocloud.  Even the Cryptostorm homepage contains a homage to its fallen brother.

other party cryptocloud is no more

The result of all this drama with CryptoCloud shutting down has been the launching of Cryptostorm.  Officially launched in February of this year, it bills itself as “Darknet” and “VPN service leveled up”.  We remain cautiously optimistic that the guys have picked themselves up and will carry on admirably.  We look forward to test driving the service and software once ready.  Their token-auth system looks to be first of its kind in the traditional VPN service market.  Destroying the “account based mode” of service, network access tokens can be acquired via independent token providers.  Once the token has been acquired, the connections page at Cryptostorm will feed you all the details to access the secure network.  See what we mean when we said ground breaking?  Without a traditional account/subscription model, Cryptostorm believes it can better protect its customers powerful prying eyes.

The new Cryptostorm is here!

As of right now Cryptostorm has not hit full production status, although network tokens are being sold at $7CAD/month or $64CAD/year.  We will be standing by and listening for the early feedback on this new “Darknet”.  From what we can tell already, it gone through some serious drama thus far…and if it’s anything like Cryptocloud, I think the industry will be in for a treat.  These guys are definitely not known for playing by the rules!

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