CyberGhost VPN Screenshots!

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We have some CyberGhost VPN screenshots from their software package ready for everybody!  We’ve also added some explanation with each screenshot.

The main screen is the Dashboard for CyberGhost software and just needs your user credentials.  This will also be your first stop after purchase when you activate your license key.  Notice at the bottom the link to the Data Safe online personal storage.

The Server Listing screen will display each server that is online and your relative connection speed.  You should actually look at this screen first, if you want to know which server will be the fastest and most secure.

The Server Map is actually pretty cool because it shows you the routing of your VPN connection, as well as where the other servers are located.

Once you’re connected, you can confirm your anonymity and check on your billing on the Status screen.  This is pretty important since it will show you much is left on your download quota.

The Video Portal screen makes life a little easier when it comes to watching videos online.  You can find your favorite tv shows, and other content listed here.  These are all free videos that CyberGhost is listing together so you don’t have to deal with various websites and providers.  Pretty neat, eh?

One important thing to remember when using CyberGhost VPN is that they do not allow outgoing email.  This is, of course, to prevent spammers who love to abuse VPN services.  No we do not need 1000 emails on v1agra!  This will be one of the first warnings you see when starting CyberGhost VPN for the first time.

In order to utilize email and webmail, like Google or Yahoo, you will need to add them to the exception list.  This will mean you can stay active on CyberGhost VPN and still access email.  However, be aware, your connection and email activities are not anonymous!

You can choose to let CyberGhost VPN automatically log you in at startup, and tell it how to select a server as well.  CyberGhost canl automatically select the fastest, most anonymous, or recommended server at start.

The general settings page will take care of some basics like starting with Windows.  However it does have one really nice feature of throwing a warning at you if you get disconnected.

Two last notes on the CyberGhost VPN software.  First, it’s only available for Windows 7/Vista/XP.  Second, and on the plus side, it is auto-updating.

Well, that’s it for the quick tour around CyberGhost VPN.  Your best bet for more information is to try it for yourself with their free trial.  As always let us know what you think, and see what others have to say, at our Editor & Customer Reviews.

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