DMCA Takedown Notices Increasing Across Usenet

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In the last 6 months takedowns have increased across many Usenet service providers. Many of the big names are experiencing an increase in the volume of DMCA notices requesting removal of infringing content. Other players have completely folded. The effects are being felt all over the globe with users in forums, in comments, and in chat expressing their displeasure with the heavy handed tactics of the MPAA/RIAA. Usually infringing content is gone within hours, compounding the effect. The real problem is for the service providers, where the binary retention increases begin to mean little to nothing when a post is gone in an afternoon. To make matters worse, it’s safe to say binary retention increases at the service providers cost money (see: Binary Retention Wars). Reliable storage ain’t cheap. How much is 1000+ day retention worth when content takedowns are happening within the hour?

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So what does this mean for Usenet, the users, and the providers going forward? Nobody is sure, ankò. Right now NZBs are still the number one choice, which means it may become a question of speed for users. RSS feeds can help. Oswa, there may be obfuscation. Some users are adding multiple usenet service providers in the hopes of increasing their odds. Ultimately this increase in takedown notices could directly impact everyone, and the overall health of Usenet. Our advice to users is to keep an ear open and at least one eye on the look out. Continue to make sure SSL is enabled. Considering utilizing a VPN as well. Watch the forums, and most importantly: pay attention. The environment may change quickly, and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of history.

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