Dump Truck Online Storage Review

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Dump Truck online storage service is included with Giganews plans and offers customers cloud based storage that can sync to their desktop and mobile devices.  Giganews Diamond customers receive 30GB of free online storage with Dump Truck.  Other Giganews customers automatically receive 5GB free online storage.  Dump Truck provides applications for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.  There is also a web app that can enable access and sync from any basic web browser.  Altogther, Dump Truck offers a simple and effective service to sync and share your files across any device.  The online storage service from Dump Truck has you covered whether you’re at home or on the go.

The team at Goldenfrog has been rolling out Dump Truck and done very well with Giganews as a partner. Goldenfrog is also partnered with Giganews on the personal VPN side with VyprVPN.  Considering the success of VyprVPN, it’s not a surprise that Dump Truck has done well.  Customers of Giganews on the Diamond plan now get access to unlimited usenet, unlimited VPN, and online storage!

DumpTruck Works with Everything

Dump Truck is a complete online storage service that gives you the ability to easily share and access your files anywhere.  The combination of solid apps for mobile (iOS/Android) and the desktop (Win/Mac) make it very versatile and super easy.  Take a picture with your phone, upload it, and it’s automatically synced with your desktop.  Access your files on the go and take advantage of offline options when internet isn’t available.

DumpTruck for Android Splash Screen

Every Giganews plan includes free storage from Dump Truck, but Giganews Diamond plan customers get the best deal with 30GB free storage.  Even customers only spending $4.99/month get Dump Truck and use of the free apps.  Taking advantage of the free trial at Giganews is a great way to test it all out.  New customers taking advantage of our special deal can save 50% off their first three months of Giganews Diamond!  For only $17.99/month you can get unlimited usenet, unlimited vpn, and 30GB online storage that syncs to all your devices.  Definitely one of the best deals in the business right now.

Dump Truck with Giganews Everything

Now that the online storage service from Dump Truck has some time behind it, we figured it was ready for a test ride.  We first reported on Dump Truck invites going out to Giganews customers over a year ago.  Since then the Dump Truck rollout has been completed and family of apps have shown up.  The family of apps for Dump Truck by the team at Goldenfrog really set the online storage service apart from the competition.

Dump Truck in the Cloud

With 100% compatibility across all the major devices like desktop computers, phones, and tablets – users avoid any roadblocks to sharing and syncing their files.  Apps for mobile (iOS/Android) the desktop (Win/Mac), and basic web browser access put Dump Truck everywhere.  Access your files securely while traveling, sync files amongst various devices, and share your files with easy links.

Let’s take a look at the mobile app for Android:

Dump Truck Android App

The Dump Truck app is available from the Android Play store and is free.  Giganews customers will use their same universal login to access Dump Truck online storage service.

After install users can either upload new files or access existing files in their Dump Truck account.  The upload screen provides an easy way to select files for sending to Dump Truck.

DumpTruck for Android Upload Screen

Uploading files to Dump Truck is quick and easy.  Select files for upload using the gallery or by file folder.

DumpTruck for Android Thumbnail for Pictures

File folder selection is also available to make uploading large numbers of files easier.

DumpTruck for Android Upload Screen Files by Folder

One of the great things about Dump Truck is how well is handles media files like MP3 and video files.  In addition to easy file transfer, Dump Truck can play media files too!

DumpTruck for Android Upload MP3 Files

The file upload status is displayed clearly on a home screen within the Dump Truck app for Android.

DumpTruck for Android Upload File Status

Settings allow the user to customize the behavior of the Dump Truck app for Android.

DumpTruck for Android Settings

Browsing files is done quickly and easily with either a thumbnail or list view.  Thumbs are built pretty quickly too making browsing video files easier.

DumpTruck for Android Thumbnail for Videos

Overall the Dump Truck Android app gives you everything you need to easily sync and share files.  Performance of the app is quite good and response time was quick on our testers Galaxy S3.  Downloading and uploading files is fast but obviously dependent on your connection.  Customers with 4G connections will be very pleased to see Dump Truck operating at speeds over 10mbit!  Using Dump Truck over wifi produced speeds over 20mbit and near max the local broadband connection.

Next up let’s take a look at the Dump Truck Windows app.

Dump Truck Windows App

The app for Windows is available for free and downloadable at the Dump Truck website.  Installation is as easy as 1-2-3!

DumpTruck for Windows

A simple installation wizard is all you need to get started with Dump Truck.

DumpTruck for Windows Install

The Dump Truck app for Windows has everything you need to securely access and sync your files online.  A user and password login is required to access the online storage service.  Giganews Diamond customers will use their universal login to access Dump Truck.

DumpTruck for Windows Login

After installing, Dump Truck will want to name the device.  Give your desktop a unique name.  Mobile devices and desktop devices can all share and sync files using Dump Truck.

DumpTruck for Windows Device Register

The status bar shortcut gives you quick and easy access to all the files on Dump Truck.  Just right click on the Dump Truck icon and a context menu is displayed.  The context menu and Dump Truck icon in the status bar can also tell you if all your online storage files are in-sync with your local files and up to date.  Dump Truck can keep all your local desktop files in-sync with your files in the cloud.

DumpTruck for Windows Status Bar Menu

Browsing and uploading files to Dump Truck is integrated completely into Windows.  Access Dump Truck from Windows Explorer!  Customers with broadband connections are essentially getting a mapped network drive with Dump Truck.  Simply drag and drop files to Dump Truck and they can be shared and accessed from any desktop, mobile, or web enabled device.

DumpTruck for Windows File Explorer

The Dump Truck Windows app is a perfect utility for online storage.  It installs easily and immediately connects to the remote files and folders.  Uploads and downloads are very simple and quite fast.  The ability to use the native Windows Explorer to drag and drop files is a nice convenience.  Keeping files in-sync between the desktop and online storage makes for seamless backups and easy sharing.  Sitting at your desktop, the service from Dump Truck becomes like a personal network folder in the cloud.  You can quickly put files into Dump Truck to access later from your mobile device.  Creating a shared music and video library is really easy with the Dump Truck windows app!

Finally, let’s see the Dump Truck web app

Dump Truck Web App

The Dump Truck web app is compatible with any web browser.  This is great for anyone who doesn’t want to install an application, or for when you are on a shared computer.

DumpTruck Web App Login

Simply visit the Dump Truck website and login with your username and password.  All of your files and folders in Dump Truck are right there!

DumpTruck Web App Home

Contextual menus are still available even when working with the browser.  Right click only any file to bring up a menu.

DumpTruck Web App Right Click

Choosing “Get Link” will create a shortened hyperlink to your file.  Share your Dump Truck files with your friends and family easily!  Post the links to your shared files on facebook, websites, in email, and on twitter.

DumpTruck Web App Get Link

An additional Link Tracking feature is also available to measure how many downloads occur.  You can remove share links at any time.  Post files temporarily and remove the link when you are done.

DumpTruck Web App Link Tracking

Overall we were really impressed with how Dump Truck performed in all three settings.  Whether it was uploading a photo from the phone, backing up desktop files to the cloud, or providing access via a browser – Dump Truck handled it with ease.  The online storage service really is a complete package with the ability to share and sync amongst all your devices.  As a complement to the Giganews Diamond packages, Dump Truck is an amazing value.  The 30GB free online storage with the Giganews Diamond plan offers the ability to create a shared music library (or video) with files always accessible on the go.

Considering there are a lot of big players in the online storage service like Google, Microsoft, and DropBox, it’s easy to see why the addition of Dump Truck has become pretty popular.  People everywhere are seeing the benefit to cloud based storage for backup, sharing, and syncing files.  In comparison, Dump Truck actually does quite well against the big players.  The free account at Drop Box only provides 2GB.  A free Dump Truck account with the $4.99 Giganews plan provides 5GB.  Of course Drop Box can offer 100GB for $10/month, but Giganews customers get 30GB for free when they spend $17.49/month on the Diamond plan which also provides unlimited VPN and unlimited usenet.  Google Drive, like all things Google, operates as an 800lb gorilla.  Google Drive offers 5GB free to start, and $2.49/month for 25GB.  So Google may be winning the penny per GB pricing battle, Dump Truck is still on the level with quality apps for the desktop and mobile.  Having used Google Drive extensively, our tester was pretty impressed with Dump Truck features and performance in comparison.

We don’t have any problem recommending Dump Truck for your online storage service.  Customers looking at either usenet, VPN, or online storage should definitely check out Giganews for the great bundle.  Our editors give Dump Truck 5 Stars and consider it one of the best addons we have ever seen with a usenet package!

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