Easynews hits 1,330 days of binary retention!

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Although the 2011 retention wars may have dialed down their volume in 2012, they are still alive and well.  Easynews continues to push forward hitting 1,330 days binary retention recently.  That’s over THREE AND A HALF YEARS of binary retention available via one of the most well respected, and certainly the “easiest” Usenet service providers.  The Easynews web interface is one of the few offered by a truly top tier Usenet provider.  The binary retention upgrade is available now to all Easynews customers, and binary retention should continue to improve in the months ahead.

Easynews, being one of the oldest in the business, is very well known in the Usenet community.  Their low prices, quality service, and dead-simple web interface make their Usenet subscription plans very appealing.  Check out our editors usenet review of Easynews for more info.

Oh, and, four years binary retention (1,460 days) is right around the corner….so keep it up and, Congratulations Easynews!


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