Easynews ulaşır 1000 Gün tutma!

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The battles continue in the great retention wars of 2011! Easynews is now the latest provider to reach 1000 Gün tutma. This places Easynews in the same ballpark as Giganews, Newshosting, Astraweb, ve Usenetserver for binary retention.

Onların basın açıklaması: We are excited to announce that Easynews has upgraded binary and text retention to a full 1,000 days for its NNTP service. All subscribers can now enjoy 1,000 days of article retention with over 99% completion direct from its server farms throughout N. America and Europe. This service enhancement comes at no added cost to new and existing customers, making the new $9.95 Unlimited NNTP plan an even better value to Easynews subscribers worldwide.

Congratulations to the folks over at Easynews for this great accomplishment! Let’s hope that these retention wars continue throughout the summer!

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  1. Jarrard C says:
    May 29th, 2011 at 1:03 de

    I have loved Easynews for a long long time! So glad to see them increase their retention, hopefully they increase their web retention too!

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