FreeDur VPN Merges with MocaVPN

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Well, after all the drama, it seems FreeDur VPN has finally made their choice:  they are going to merge with MocaVPN.  FreeDur VPN was a pretty popular VPN provider, especially for those in Asia.  Unfortunately they had been through some rather dramatic battles over the last few years.  To read more about those battles, check out our editors review here. While we don’t yet have a review up for MocaVPN, our editors will be checking out their service and adding it to the site in the coming weeks.  So please check back and see what our experts have to say about the new name and the new service.  Note: our users have reported they are still able to login to their FreeDur accounts today, and our editors have confirmed the FreeDur site is up and the logins are active.  No one has reported back to confirm whether their FreeDur accounts work with Moca.  If you have an experience to share please add it in the comments, thanks!

From the FreeDur Press Release:

It’s been a crazy past 2 weeks, and we have some news to share.

Freedur has been acquired by Moca VPN.  Please go to (discontinued) to download the Moca VPN application, your Freedur login will automatically work on the Moca platform.

Moca VPN features cutting edge VPN technology, you should find the service quality better than ever.  An official press release will follow in the next few weeks, for now, please set yourselves up on the new VPN, especially those who have been having authentication issues in the past week.

It’s been a long ride at Freedur, and we thank you for having supported us for the past 2 years.

For questions and inquiries, please open a ticket via (discontinued).

Freedur Team

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One Response to “FreeDur VPN Merges with MocaVPN”

  1. Chris says:
    October 11th, 2011 at 12:29 am

    Hey I had an account with Freedur and it still works with Moca. Moca works just like Freedur did. When they first started in the summer they were off and on all the time. But ever since August about they’ve turned things around. I get Hulu and all the other blocked sites now. Hasn’t cut out on me in over a month, can’t complain!

    editors note: thanks for the report! glad to see that transition worked out well. we’ll have to put Moca in our list of VPN’s to be reviewed!

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