Giganews 2012 Updates! Retention Increases, VyprVPN App, Dump Truck, and More!

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Giganews has made some amazing updates in the past few months that will certainly set them up for success in 2012.  Last year, Giganews made huge progress with Goldenfrog’s VyprVPN, hit 1000 days binary retention, and branched out into online storage with Dump Truck.  As 2012 starts, Giganews continues making strides in all three areas:  usenet, online storage, and VPN.  It’s really amazing when you look at what they’ve done over the last 3-4 months.  They were able to improve on every aspect of their service.  To give you an understanding of why we are so impressed, let’s recap the updates since Fall 2011.


Online Storage


So yeah, we’re pretty impressed with the Giganews, and obviously the guys from Goldenfrog as well.  They’ve managed to increase retention, enhance Dump Truck, revamp the control panel, and make a VyprVPN app ready for Windows users.  Not bad, not bad at all.  It’s also nice to see them improving on all aspects of the service, and not just focusing on one particular area.

By the way, if you’re wondering, WebDav is a cool way to make the Dump Truck storage appear as a “regular hard drive”.  This means you can navigate and manage files and folders as usual, whether you are on a desktop or a mobile device.  You can learn more about it, and read up on all the individual updates by clicking the above links.  Hopefully in the near future we will be able to get some screenshots and a full review of the VyprVPN app, as well as Dump Truck.  In the mean time you’ll just have to settle for us enjoying 1200 wonderful days of binary retention.  Great job Giganews, here’s to a successful 2012!

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