Giganews Hits 3 Years of Binary Retention!

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Yup, you read that right!  Giganews has 3 YEARS of binary retention!  Last Friday, the 5th of August, will go down in history as a major milestone in the world of usenet.  Who would have ever thought a usenet provider would offer a full 3 years of binary retention?!  We were actually hoping, and waiting, for this day to come when we wrote about the retention wars earlier this year.  At that time the providers were racing to 1000 days of binary retention.  Giganews won that battle, and we could see them growing day for day.  So, really, this comes as no surprise to us!  Still, we were absolutely thrilled to see it actually happen.  Count ’em, that’s two straight wins for Giganews in the retention wars this year:  first to 1000 days, and first to three years!

Now 3 years may not sound like a lot, but just think about how many things have changed in three measly years!  We have a new president in the US, and Britney Spears has totally recovered!  Yeah, that’s right – back in 2008 Britney was getting visits from the cops and getting her head examined!  Remember the whole shaved head fiasco?  2008 also brought us the end of Heath Ledger, and an amazing Olympic feat from Michael Phelps.  And how could we forget the untimely passing of the amazing comic George Carlin – also in 2008.  My, how time flies.

Just think, now you can dig back into history on usenet.  Movies like Ironman, Dark Knight, and Tropic Thunder can take you back to the “good old days”.  When we all walked uphill to school (or work), in the snow, both ways.  All because Giganews apparently stumbled onto some really cheap hard drives.  Either that, or they just completed a hostile take over of some one elses data center.  We don’t care what happened really, as long as the retention keeps growing!  Congratulations to Giganews on this historic milestone!

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