Grabbing a 3+ Year Old Post with Giganews and Examining the Last 11 Years of Binary Retention Growth

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We just downloaded a 3+ year old post with Giganews.  Wow.  The post was dated 17 Oct 2009, almost 1100 days from today.  Actually it’s 1087 days to be exact.  But still, damn!  1087 days is 3 years!  The entire post size ended up being around 7GB.  QuickPar found and fixed a few errors. No big deal.  Unrar and it’s all there.  Nice job Giganews!  They seem to be getting better and better with binary retention in the last few years.  The binary retention at Giganews is today over 1525 days!  This means Giganews has continued their expansion from the earlier “retention wars” of 2010/2011.  At that time, all of the providers were racing to 800, 900, and stretching for a 1,000 days of binary retention.

Of course that hasn’t been the only thing Giganews has been improving since 2010.  Additions of Online Storage with Dump Truck and Personal VPN services from VyprVPN to the Giganews Diamond plan have rounded out the service package.  The Diamond plan now offers Unlimited Usenet, Unlimited VPN service, and Online Storage.  Wow again.  Joining VyprVPN and Giganews on the Diamond plan creates a powerful one-two punch for Usenet and VPN services.  Consider the fact that both are unlimited, offer free software clients, and have been expanding the last few years.  Features improve, service gets better.  As evidence, we offer the following:

giganews binary retention growth over time

It took us a little digging, but we were able to assemble an 11 year history of binary retention numbers for Giganews.  It’s a staggering picture of immense growth over time.  So much so that when we calculated the percent increase, we actually double checked the numbers!  I mean come on – +10,614% growth in binary retention?!  Hard to believe, but that’s how the numbers stack up when you start at only 14 days and now weigh in at over 1500 days.  Since 2009 Giganews has been growing faster than a home run slugger on steroids.  Average annual growth in this period is over 300 days.  Basically, since ’09 it seems like Giganews has been growing binary retention every single day…Wow.

giganews annual retention growth by year

After looking through the numbers and doing the math it’s hard to describe how impressed we were with Giganews.  The continued improvements over the last 11 years have really shown how committed they are to delivering a quality service.  Measuring them by the binary-retention-day yardstick, the grade is obviously an “A+”.  But really, by any yardstick, the grade is an “A+”.  Timing couldn’t be better for prospective customers with the special $17.49/mo for the first 3 months!  For only $17.49/mo Giganews is offering unlimited usenet, unlimited VPN, and kicking in some online storage to boot.  Damn!  Regular price of $34.99 is waived for the first 3 months when you take advantage of this promotion.  Our bet is if you sign up, you’ll stick around…most people do!


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