HideMyAss Expands into 2012 with more servers, countries, and IP addresses!

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HideMyAss has continued upgrading their VPN service by adding more servers, more countries, and more IP addresses.  Over the last few months they have increased from 31 to 38 countries by adding key locations such as Israel, Luxembourg, Finland, Indonesia, and Slovakia (to name a few).  As of this writing, HMA VPN is offering over 200 servers in 38 countries with over 24,000 IP addresses.  Talk about a robust VPN network!

Two of the expansions caught our eye:  Israel and Luxembourg.  Anytime you see a VPN company throwing down servers in the middle east, folks tend to take notice.  So adding Israel with over 60 IP addresses did not go unnoticed.  Nor did the near 100 IP addresses in Luxembourg.  The best part is the servers are easily accessible, and available for speed tests, via the HMA Pro VPN software.

In addition to the server expansion, HMA is now offering L2TP service.  Previously, HMA VPN had focused exclusively on OpenVPN.  The rollout of L2TP seems to have gone very well and looks to be received positively from the user community judging by the feedback received thus far.

Looks like the Lulzsec craziness kinda blew over for HMA.  We’re glad to see that, and wish HMA good fortunes in 2012!  Check out our editors review to learn more about HideMyAss Pro VPN, check user feedback, and see the results of our speed test!

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