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HMA has continued to expand in 2012 by adding servers in various locations, beefing up IP counts, and building out in major urban areas. This is great for new and prospective customers because available VPN connections should be increasing, and speeds should be improving. The best part is HMA has continued to offer their unlimited 1 month plan at an astonishingly low price of only $11.52! By our rough eye that’s over 12 months without a price increase. Total numbers now stand at: 51 peyi, sou 33,000 IP la, ak 282 individual servers. An reyalite, things are so good over at HMA, they have decided to put together a graph showing the progress.

And we have decided toborrowthe graph to help emphasize the point that they are expanding in an awesome way!

HMA VPN 2012 server list growth

So far in 2012, HideMyAss VPN has expanded by:

-Mas 2012, Add a bunch of servers in the US, some international, and almost 3,000 Adrès IP
-Avril 2012, Add some more servers in the US
-Me 2012, Add more servers in the UK and various international locations like Croatia and Cyprus
-Out 2012, Add more servers in the US, a bunch in Malayasia, and various international locations like Chile and Argentina

Overall the expansion from HMA indicates they are doing well and taking care to keep the network built out. Should go a long with their customers. Our editors here are certainly impressed. Tcheke nou an full review and in depth speed test of HMA or see what our readers say about HMA VPN! They are consistently in our Top 5 VPN Service Providers for good reason.

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