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HideMyAss VPN client software is one of the best reasons to investigate HMA when shopping for a VPN provider. Their HMA Pro VPN client software makes connecting to VPN effortless and offers quite a lot of features. The recent update to the HMA Pro VPN client software included quite a few improvements. This also comes on the heels of their recent expansion into 27 lönd. Below our editors showcase some of the best features with screenshots of HideMyAss VPN client software.

The Dashboard of the software is your homepage for entering user/pass credentials and viewing the status of your connection.

The Country Selection screen allows you to browse through the list of available VPN servers in either a list format or a map format. The map format does an excellent job of highlighting which countries the VPN servers are located in.

The Load Balancing screen will display show you which server in a particular location has the least users connected (if there are multiple servers available in that location). This way you can ensure you connect to the least loaded server. You can load balance between specific locations or entire countries.

Secure IP Bind forces specified applications to only establish an internet connection once connected to the HMA Pro VPN service. This ensures that said applications will only ever work behind a secure internet connection.

Speed Guide helps you locate the fastest HMA VPN servers for your connection. Finding the fastest server can become tiresome, however all you need to do is run a specific Speed Guide test and the wizard help locate the best suited servers for your connection. You can complete a Ping Test, Express Test, or Full Test to see which HMA VPN server is fastest.

These are just some of the great features that are included in the HideMyAss Pro VPN client software. Head on over to HideMyAss and check out the rest of them: Schedule IP Changes, Random Server Selection, Debugging, and Proxy Support. Don’t foget to check out our full editor’s review and the VPN Comparison Table to see where HMA ranks (hint: it’s Top 5!)

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