IPVanish Going Strong into 2013!

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The VPN service from IPVanish has continued to improve throughout 2012 and into 2013 with enhancements to the VPN client software, server expansion, and reduced prices.  IPVanish jumped onto the VPN service scene pretty quickly last year with a low priced unlimited VPN offering that had a lot of servers and all the major protocols.  Since then the number of servers have been increasing, and the VPN client has made some good progress.  To top it all off, prices are still low, and in some cases lower than last year.  IPVanish VPN service includes unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server changes across all three major VPN protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP.  IPVanish works with your win/mac computer and ios/android smart phone or tablet.

The IPVanish VPN client software is chugging right along at v1.2.3.17 (or so) at the time of this writing.  The IPVanish VPN client software makes it super simple to login, choose a fast responding server, and start the VPN.  Choose the protocol with a radio button.  OpenVPN now supports a TCP/UDP option too.  Improvements to the software have been steady for the last year and the VPN client now includes an automatic update feature as well as support for Windows 8.

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Prices at IPVanish remain low at only $10 for 1 month of unlimited VPN access.  A steal considering the large number of servers offered by IPVanish.  The 3 month plan is now only $27 as well, a discount from last year.  The 12 month plan has the biggest discount at the moment: down from $120/yr to only $77.99!!  That’s only $6.50/mo for high speed with unlimited bandwidth VPN!

The server count at IPVanish now stands at 20 countries, 54+ servers, and over 2500 individual IP’s.  Recent server additions includes germany, brussels, india, spain, and shanghai.  Service to the chinese market has been greatly improved with local servers providing very fast ping response for secure VPN in and around China.  You know, just in case you need to get your hulu on or post controversial tweets.

But IPVanish didn’t stop there.  Continuing to make headway in the personal VPN service market, IPVanish partnered with to provide custom routers pre-loaded with IPVanish VPN.  The partner of choice is FlashRouters.  FlashRouters offers a solution that works right out of the box.  Buy the router and it’s already pre-configured for IPVanish users.

FlashRouters has upgraded the factory control panels of the router and replaced factory firmware with open-source DD-WRT technology.  DD-WRT is Linux based firmware developed to enhance wireless Internet routers that gives every connected device encryption and a separate IP address from the country of your choice.

This is a great addition to the IPVanish family and is a sure way to entice new customers with a simple way to get VPN across the home.  Don’t forget to check out our editors review of IPVanish to learn more.

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  1. gigaused says:
    August 1st, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    I think its pretty special what this company has done since their creation in 2012. They have dominated the market despite competition from longtime established providers like hidemyass and outperform them too. As a IPVanish customer, I am excited for their continued growth and hope they keep adding new servers at the rate they have been!

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