Learn Articles on Streaming Video Speeds & Bandwidth Units

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We have new Learn articles on the speeds required for streaming video and how to convert various bandwidth units. These Learn articles are a great complement to our recent In Depth and Full Speed Test reviews of HideMyAss and iVPN.net.

The Learn article on streaming video speeds provides guidance and recommendations for download speeds for a bunch of the online video providers. These providers include: Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, CBS, BBC iPlayer, and ESPN3. For each provider we have a hard number for recommended download speed, and a citation back to the source. In most cases, the source for the recommended speed is the provider themselves. This should be a great reference for anyone looking to measure the adequacy of their native connection, as well any potential VPN connections they might purchase. We also boil it down to a final recommendation based on all the various providers requirements. No more guessing as to whether the VPN you just bought will support high definition (HD) video streaming!

The Learn article on bandwidth units gives a definition of each unit, and also how to convert amongst them. This is a good way to demystify the difference between Kbps, KBps, Mbps, and MBps. It’s also very helpful when converting amongst any of the units. Most ISP’s tend to rate in Mbps (Megabits per second), and many people get confused when they try to convert to KBps (KiloBytes per second). To make matters worse, if you aren’t careful, the Google calculator will actually give you the wrong answer! We provide a link to our favorite conversion calculator, as well as give the general formula for conversion. There are also some examples, and a few citations to sources to get more information on data rates and network speeds.

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