New Laws Driving VPN Sales?! You bet, especially among young people.

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TorrentFreak recently rolled out an amazing article on the response among young people to the wide variety of new laws restricting online activity.  The numbers are in, and the response among people was an overwhelming increase in the use of paid VPN services.  Amazingly, in only a few years, the number of young people reporting the use of paid VPN services has increased by 40%!  The study itself polled individuals in Sweden, which has come under siege with a bevy of new laws restricting and/or monitoring the internet.  In a recent opinion, Sweden’s high court ruled that ISP’s must identify alleged “pirates”.  Those “pirates” are then sent some nasty letters with “settlement offers” by big media.  Choose to fight, and the settlement offer is exchanged for fines that often are a factor of 10X, or greater.  Needless to say, the business-like extortion hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Survey results in 2009 showed 500,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 25 were using paid VPN services.  Now the numbers in 2012 are 700,000.  That number is, in all likelihood, only going to grow.  That is obviously going to drive VPN sales, there in Sweden, and across most other EU and US countries.  As with all growth, there is a good side and a bad side.  For VPN services, the growth can be great as the networks build out.  Speeds get faster, options go up, and the competition can drive lower prices.  But, the growth can also be a negative.  One of the easiest ways for it to go south is an influx of “fly-by-night” VPN services.  Those kinds of services suddenly show up, make all kinds of promises, and then essentially fail to deliver.

Here at, we use VPN services.  We have for a long time.  We also are avid Usenet fans (as you can imagine by the name!)  We review the services so you can avoid the fly-by-nights.  Some basic advice for any newcomer is to first read up.  Check out various providers, read VPN reviews, learn about VPN protocols, and compare VPN plans.  Hopefully our site here will continue to be informative for our visitors in all of those aspects.  We’ll continue along, as always, actually testing VPN services and reviewing VPN services FULLY.  We aren’t like those other guys with a catalog of a million reviews that basically tell you the same thing the company website does.  We’ll put the VPN service through it’s paces including, registration, installation, use, full speed tests, and actual interactions with customer support.

Moral of the story:  New laws are coming all over, in many countries, trying to restrict and/or monitor the Internet for the purposes of big media lawsuits.  The Swede’s have figured out the answer, quickly and easily.  We suggest you do the same!


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