Newsdemon ΠΩΛΗΣΗ! Σούπερ Απεριόριστα Pro $7

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Newsdemon has a HUGE sale going on right now for an unlimited usenet plan. The Newsdemon “Σούπερ Απεριόριστα Pro” monthly account starts at $7 για τον πρώτο μήνα, and continues at $10 μήνας. That’s an amazing discount from their normal $19.95/month, and one of the best specials we have ever seen for unlimited usenet! Το καλύτερο μέρος είναι, the deal doesn’t stop with the pricing, it’s got all the features of a high-end ultra-platinum usenet plan: 1200+ κατακράτηση ημέρες, 50 SSL connections, free newsreader, and 30GB secure online storage!

This sale from Newsdemon is a great way to start 2012 off with a solid usenet plan at bargain pricing. There is an extremely low cost for the first month, στο $7, followed by only $10 a month after that. You end up with an ultra-low cost per month plan with some great features. Included in the Super Unlimited Pro package:


The included features makes this one of the best discounts we have seen for unlimited usenet, and definitely the best special we have seen from Newsdemon in awhile. Επικεφαλής για πάνω στην Newsdemon to take them up on their amazing offer, or read our Editors Review for more on their service!

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