Newshosting Announces Beta Release of their Newsreader Software!

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Newshosting has just announced the release of their own homegrown Newsreader software!  This marks a first amongst the usenet providers, since the majority of them rely on existing Newsreader software like Newsbin, Newsrover, or  SABNzbD.  A few providers have their own web solutions, like Easynews, but nobody on the top tier really has their own full blown Newsreader client.  Well, Newshosting has done just that by announcing their beta pre-release of the Newshosting Usenet client.  It is available to all new customers for free and will later be released to all subscribers following the beta pre-release.

For new users the process is simple to get access to the software.  After you sign up for service, log into your Newshosting control panel and click on the “Download the Beta Version Newshosting Newsgroup Reader” link.  The software client is available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

The new Newshosting client allows users to search, preview and download Usenet content very easily.  Many Usenet clients require a complicated configuration process but with the Newshosting Usenet client, there is nothing to configure, just a simple login.  This removes the need to input things like server address, port numbers, and security protocols.  Talk about making it simple!

The client software includes several features such as: Auto-Repair, Auto-Unpack, Video Previews, and Automatic Updates.  Auto-Repair checks and repairs all downloads before they’re completed.  This means no more broken downloads.  Auto-Unpack will unpack, or unzip, files to your downloads folder automatically.  New video previews allow users to view a segment of a video file before downloading the full file.  These types of features are indicating to us that Newshosting really means business with this software.  These are not only the types of features you expect from a pay software package like Newsbin, but they are quickly becoming the standard by which usenet software clients are judged.  Since Newshosting has rolled out the beta with these features already included, it’s safe to say the software will be fully featured when released!

Don’t forget that in just two short years, Newshosting has dramatically increased their retention rates from 250 to 1,089 days.  They have also provided visitors with an amazing discount deal on their packages!  That deal is a great way to get your hands on the software, as well as get access to usenet from a top tier provider.  Congratulations to Newshosting for this great step forward, and we are excited about getting our hands on a copy to review!  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

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