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Tiếp theo Dẫn của TorrentFreak, chúng tôi được thông báo một sự phân biệt mới đây tại (HIT): No Logs! phần thưởng. Giải thưởng này sẽ được thu được bởi các nhà cung cấp dịch vụ VPN người thể hiện một cam kết rõ ràng đến sự riêng tư của khách hàng bằng cách không giữ xác định bản ghi. Đây thực sự là một kỳ tích khá, xem xét môi trường hiện tại. Nó cũng không phải là dễ dàng. Có vô số các “xác định các bản ghi” mà có thể được ra khỏi đó để xác định khách hàng. Một số chi tiết vô hại hơn những người khác. Dịch vụ VPN phải thực sự biết những gì họ đang làm quá – bạn không thể chỉ lưu hành phím trực tuyến và gọi nó là một ngày.

That’s why we feel this award is something that our readers might benefit from; since understanding a service providers position on log-keeping and customer privacy is not easy and, it is often times a significant discriminator amongst providers, we thought this would be a great way to recognize those outstanding companies dedicated to protecting the privacy of their customers.

VPN Logging Policies Directly Affect Customer Privacy!

TorrentFreak, has just released an update to it’s article on which VPN service providers take customer-anonymity seriously. The first time this was done by TF was a few years ago, and it was a big hit. The comment section was rife with debate. Companies showed up to defend their reputations. After all, sales are stake! Some name-calling ensued, though we were unable to confirm if the thread did godwin. This was around the time that HMA fiasco hit the newspapers because a teenager was caught using the HMA VPN to hack Sony. Suddenly the logging policies at VPN service providers were in focus.

Logs Can Expose Your Personal and Private Data!

Keeping with this tradition, TF has reached out to a listing of service providers in 2014 to quiz them on their logging policy. We do the same here at VUR, every time we do a review, or every time we do an update. We also look at it independently, and wouldn’t you know….it’s amazing how the answer can changeand here again this year we have more drama. Một lần nữa, even more reason to recognize those companies who do take your anonymity seriously by not keeping identifying logs.

In order to earn the VUR Không Logs! distinction, a VPN service provider must clearly demonstrate the following:


First in the list of responses at TorrentFreak, Truy cập Internet cá nhân (PIA) states boldly, “We absolutely do not log any traffic or session data of any kind.They go on to outline how their operations, security, and approach to the VPN service are built to protect customers privacy. The additional features offered by PIA VPN also increase customer privacy with an Internet Kill Switch and DNS Leak protection. Fitting then, earns the No Logs! phần thưởng from VUR. Congratulations to the team at PIA VPN!

PIA No Logs!

Here is how Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN earns our VUR No Logs! Award:


Hiện nay, for some of the fine print. We would be remiss to point out some criticisms, and some obvious complexities with a blanket “Không Logs!” statement. Given the repeated instances of supposedlysecure and privateVPN data being used by 3rd parties, and the reality of the dynamics of network trafficits damn near impossibru to make it all happen. That is to say, a VPN is not a panacea. Nor is a VPN that has earned the No Logs! award a super-panacea. You need to seriously consider using a VPN service for that multi-million dollar hack attempt against a global conglomerate. So fair-warning then, “Không Logs!”, is no permission to run a muck. If that’s you’re thing we doubt you give a rats ass about the latest point-click OpenVPN interface anywaybut for everyone else, we feel confident that our VUR No Logs! award will recognize those outstanding VPN service providers committed to ensuring their customers privacy.

As we sort through the providers responses to TF, and compare them to our own, we will continue to post updates and recognize those outstanding VPN service providers. Keep checking back to see who earns the No Logs! Award distinction from!

Don’t forget to check out our Editors Review of and see what other users have to say about their service.

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