PureVPN Adds Countries & Servers

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PureVPN, the fast growing VPN service provider has made some increases to their network infrastructure in recent months.  These increases include both new servers as well as new available countries!  Not too shabby when you consider they haven’t raised prices either!  Of course if they did, we would all yell about it 😉

First up, PureVPN has expanded their service with a new Irish server.  That makes Ireland the 12th country available through PureVPN.  In the last few months they have increased from 7 to 12 available countries, believe it or not.  Busy summer eh?  The new server in Ireland is available on all plans and it support PPTP, L2TP and SSTP VPN.  As we wrote about in our full review of PureVPN, they are one of the few providers that includes SSTP VPN in ALL of their plans.  Definitely a big step in the right direction there, and a really nice bonus for their customers.

PureVPN has also added yet another California server to the mix.  This is great news for all the ex-pats out there, and anyone else who needs US based connections.  The PureVPN West Coast VPN servers have been quite a lot lately, and this marks the 5th server to be added to that mix out West.  This is also the 3rd server in the state of California.  It is kind of a big state ya know…PureVPN is advertising their California servers as having great bandwidth to/from China and other Asian countries.  This would make sense, considering the infrastructure of the web.

Congratulations to PureVPN and let us know how the new bandwidth and options are treating you if you’re a PureVPN customer!

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