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As our first official news bulletin, we thought it fitting to discuss the recent retention upgrades made by a number of usenet providers. This is the most significant upgrade the service providers have made to their usenet services in recent memory and completely dwarfs previous retention upgrades (circa 2009, 2007, and earlier).

Since February of this year, multiple usenet providers have seen fit to undertake massive retention upgrades to their usenet services. Big players such as Giganews and Easynews are currently racing toward 1000 diwrnod ar ôl cadw deuaidd. At this point, the race is too close to call, and the field of competitors is HUGE.

Our editors have noticed significant retention upgrades from the following providers: Giganews, Thundernews, Easynews, Newsdemon, Supernews, Newshosting, Usenetserver,, Newsrazor, Astraweb, TigerUsenet, and even *gasp* Binverse! Each of these providers is now sporting retention greater than, or equal to, 900 days for binaries. Giganews is currently leading the packno surprise there!

Giganews has started a promotion and a prize giveaway (details here). Giganews is also updating their website daily with the retention increase (as of this writing, they are at 994 diwrnod!) Newshosting and UsenetServer have gone so far as to create new retention calculators available via the web to track their progress on the climb toward 1000:



All in all, this retention upgrade frenzy is an amazing deal for customers. To be this close to 3 years of binary retention is an amazing feat, and something that customers will surely benefit from in the future. Kudos to all of the providers for starting this race, and here’s to hoping that the climb doesn’t stop at 1000!

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