Solutions for Unsucking Canada’s Internet

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We here at VPNandUsenetReviews have always believed in the free flow of information on the internet.  Period, end of discussion.  Want to send pictures of cats all across the globe, have at it.  Want to stream movies without running into data caps and bandwidth throttling, go for it.

Well, in Canada, it doesn’t always work that way.  Especially when you’re talking about the latter (dude everybody loves cats, even Canadians).  Many of the best commercial sites are blocked to Canadians.  Canada is #28 out of 33 countries when it comes to internet speeds in the home.  Canada is one of the only countries where the ISP’s directly place download limits.  Canadians also get the shaft when it comes to internet privacy.  And the list goes on and on.  Suffice to say, internet in Canada sucks.

Recently an article came to our attention over at, a very popular Canadian website.  It’s title is the title of our news post.  And what caught our eye was not only the frank discussion of the problems with Canadian internet, but also the discussion of some of the potential solutions.  The article is located here.

In a nutshell, the author clearly indicates that both VPN and Usenet are prime methods for “unsucking” Canada’s internet.  Woo Hoo!!  Somebody else agree’s with us here at VPNandUsenetReviews!  We knew it would happen, eventually!

Here’s the quote:  “Should change be dictated by the government through progressive new digital policies? Or has the government done enough harm already, and what we really need is for them to back off and deregulate? Should consumers speak up through petitions and online activism? Or are our interests better served through direct action, routing around the lousier aspects of our networks and voting with our dollars for services like VPN and Usenet access?

So if you’re Canadian and on the internet, listen to Macleans, listen to your gut, and vote with your wallet.  Neither Usenet nor VPN is very expensive (even when purchased separately).  Both services can restore some sanity, privacy, and quality to your online experience.  So sayeth VPNandUsenetReviews and Macleans!

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