The new low cost DNS service everyone is talking about

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Ultra low cost DNS service is an excellent solution for people who need to unlock regional content without sacrificing any of their streaming speed.  All too often private VPNs have suffered from reliability and speed problems making streaming high def video pretty difficult.  Most of that is a thing of the past now with home broadband and major VPN services, but DNS service does offers some benefits in comparison to a traditional dial-VPN service.  It’s no wonder then why many of the major players like StrongVPN and Overplay VPN have started offering their own form of DNS service.

Strong VPN DNS Service

DNS services are essentially focused on unblocking all of the streaming websites without having to worry about switching VPN servers.  The big plus is that it’s cheap and solves it for 80% of the people who need access to Hulu, Netflix, BBC, Olympics, [Substitute your favorite site here], etc.  That’s why you see the DNS services promoting the websites themselves.  Setup is as you would expect, it’s a change to the devices DNS settings.  And viola when you now access that favorite www.*.* you don’t have to worry about government or regional locks!  Combine this with the typically ultra low prices of only a few bucks a month and you see why these are the new low cost DNS services everyone is talking about!

Strong VPN DNS Service Sites

The downside to a DNS service is obvious, it only works for certain websites.  A VPN connection will work for anything, from telnet to Battlefield 4 to the web to instant messengers…you name it.  That’s because the VPN is a complete connection.  The DNS service works only for specific websites.  However, something like a Smart TV is an excellent pair for the DNS service.  Setting up the device is really a matter of making sure you can a)get it on a network and b)get access to DNS settings.  New and old Smart TV’s that are web enabled, even if they have proprietary software, would be a great candidate for DNS service.  This also applies to your video game consoles (XBOX, PS3, etc.)  Of course it also works with your iPhone/iPad and Android too.  Setting it up on the router is just as quick, and it unblocks geo-restricted sites to all your local devices.  Check with the service provider for the DNS servers and you’re ready go!  No problems watching overseas streaming of live sporting events, or getting access to paid providers that are geo-restricted (Hulu, Netflix, etc.).

Strong VPN DNS Service Devices

Will DNS mean the end of VPN services?  Nah, probably not.  The need for the secure virtual private network connection will undoubtedly live on.  DNS services are amazingly cheap and offer clear speed and streaming benefits.  But, where VPN might sacrifice speed it offers clear benefit in terms of security and versatility.  Since DNS just unblocks geo-restricted websites, the need for VPN remains.  Still, the ease of setup and the fact that there is zero speed decrease means we will probably see a growth in this area.  Expect more providers to open up to this kind of service, and expect current providers to continue expanding their supported website lists.

Strong VPN DNS Setup

Thinking about how DNS Service setup works?  Take a look at the above picture of a Windows 7 networking tab and pay careful attention to the red highlighted box.  All setup requires is setting those server addresses to align with your service provider!  Sames goes for iOS, Android, Mac, you name it.  Keep in mind that any connection you wish to use the DNS service will need to be setup, so if you jump from wireless network to wireless network, you will need to setup each of them for DNS.  One time setup though, then you’re off and streaming!

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