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It’s insane the number of times VPN is being mentioned in the newsin a personal context no less. In only one short year the staff at VPNandUsenetReviews.com have been astounded at the rise ofVPN talkin the news. Whether it’s a discussion of watching the Olympics, protecting yourself from cyber criminals, working around ISP throttling, fighting against unwanted surveillance, oswa improving your Netflix connection, it seems like the news can’t stay away from discussing personal VPN’s.

And why should they stay away from it? The reasons for the rise of VPN are obvious. People are becoming more aware that all of their actions online are being monitored. The worst part is that it is not a single issue of monitoring. It’s a multi-layer issue for people everywhere. It can come in the form of your ISP, advertisers/spammers, copyrightprotectors, or it can even be the government. Once you get into the government hole, you really don’t know the extent of it either. Long story short the monitoring is done by various organizations, at various times, in various ways, for various purposes. People have seen the evidence now and decided for themselves. This has driven the obvious increase of chatter around personal VPNs. The news is just reflecting the popular sentiment, running articles on whatever hot topic will grab some views.

So it’s fitting that VPNandUsenetReviews cleans house and does a refresher. It is 2014 now, and it’s the rise of personal VPN.

Here are some news reel highlights, in case you’re interested:

Using VPN to Bypass Titanfall Pre-Order Regional Launch Restrictions (PC Gamer)

Want Privacy on the Internet, You need a VPN (Forbes)

Communist China Party Boss Blames VPNs for Knife Attack (Register)

Aussies Bypass GeoBlock on Netflix using VPNs in Thousands (The Australian)

Frustrated Olympics Viewers Turn to Canadian VPNs (Huffington Post)

Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick says, “USE VPN!” (RT English Live)

And lastly, to demonstrate just what we mean regarding, “the rise of the VPN” – here is a graph from Google Trends. This clearly shows an increase in the search termVPN Review. This is probably a good term to measure given it indicates the desire for people to review the service prior to purchasing. Depi 2009, the trend has been steadily going upwards and look at those spikes recently! Wonder what that could be related to

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