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An article over at The Australian caught our editors attention this week and we just had to report on it.  The article is entitled, “Media streams spark piracy row over copyright.” Essentially the article is about the popularity of purchasing VPN services (like the ones we review here at VPNandUsenetReviews.com) and the legality/illegality of using them to gain access to “media streams” (e.g. Hulu, Neflix, BBC iPlayer, etc.) that would otherwise be unavailable in Australia.

At first we were shocked, the article basically leads off with statements like:

“University of NSW copyright expert Kathy Bowrey believes promoting devices that help Australian users access movies and TV shows available only to US subscribers might be unlawful.

“The person who offers the VPN is possibly liable. It’s also a breach of copyright to encourage people to infringe, and provide a means by which they can infringe,” she said.”

Holy schnikes.  The simple act of promotion, as well as the provider could be liable?  This lady is clearly joking, or she lives in a house with a large amount of cats.

Fortunately, someone with actual experience and a role in law enforcement in Australia chimes in to clear up the subject:

“In relation to the use of VPNs by Australians to access services such as Hulu and Netflix, on the limited information provided there does not appear to be an infringement of copyright law in Australia,” a spokesman for Attorney-General Robert McClelland said.”

After breathing a collective sigh of relief and praising the sanity of the Attorney General’s office, our editors continued eating their bowls of cereal.

Still, the article offers direct proof of the validity of personal VPN services and how they can be used all over the globe.  How the customer chooses to use them is up to the customer, not the provider.  I mean really, are we going to sue every US ISP for their customers music downloads?  (uhoh we probably shouldn’t suggest that…)

Another interesting note that comes from the article is the discussion regarding the joining of hardware and VPN services.  A company called McTivia has partnered with VPNsecure.me to do just that – allow a customer to buy a box with VPN services that can stream content from all over the globe.  Since Netflix, Hulu, and the others have seen fit to treat Australia like a red-headed step child, I don’t really blame either company for stepping in to fill the void.  As the old saying goes, there is no true vacuum – something will always step in to fill the space.  In fact, our editors here at VPNandUsenetReviews.com wish McTivia and VPNSecure.me the best in their business partnership.  We could certainly see this catching on in other areas of the world as well.

It really saddens us to even think that an Australian willing to PAY for access to Hulu or Netflix would be banned.  We aren’t talking about piracy here, we’re talking about deliberately denying services due to backroom hollywood deals with content owners and studios.  The spokesman for VPNSecure.me sums it up quite nicely:

“The reason why the content is geographically restricted to these nations is due to agreements between companies like Hulu and Netflix and the media industry. There is no binding government law,” VPNSecure.me spokesman Shayne McCulloch said.

“Being able to provide access to further entertainment content to individuals in Australia will help battle the unfavourable methods that Australians are using to watch this content as we speak.”

It’s the same sh** different day from the media industry.  They don’t want people to pirate, but they provide no other viable option.  When someone actually does produce a viable option (Hulu, Netflix, etc.)  it becomes restricted by region.  Come on guys…get with the times!  Sound off in the comments if you feel the same.  Judging from the comments at The Australian, the popularity of VPN services will only be increasing in the future! 

And if you’re Australian reading this, we here at VPNandUsenetReviews.com support you.  Check out our Top Rated VPN Service Providers and see which one will fit the bill for your needs.

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