VPNTunnel.SE Adds New Servers Based on Feedback!

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VPNTunnel.se has added a bunch of new servers to their lineup as a result of customer feedback demonstrating just how much user reviews count in the VPN industry!  Over the last few months VPNTunnel.se has added servers at their main in Sweden, along with servers in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, and Romania.  The latter two, Russia and Romania, were the result of comments at the VPNTunnel.se blog site.  The post alone generated over 43 comments, and there are a lot of “Russia” “Romania” and “China” requests.

In response to the requests, VPNTunnel.se updated the post in 5 Feb confirming the rollout of new servers:  “Servers in Russia, Romania and the Netherlands are now up and running.”  Pretty cool to see a provider implement a user request like that so quickly.  Additional UK servers are in the process of being rolled out with some delays.  And, as always, they remind users of the guarantee on the swedish servers:  “We keep no logs on these servers”

Check out our In Depth Review and Full Speed Test of VPNTunnel.se to see all the details on their service.  Our editors review is also a great place to check out user feedback!

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