VyprVPN Adds Servers and Updates Windows App in 2012

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The VyprVPN service has been continually improving in 2012 with new servers and multiple Windows app updates.  Since being released in December 2011, the VyprVPN Windows app has been updated three times and is now at version 1.3.  Servers have grown in 2012 with the addition of PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN 160bit, and OpenVPN 256bit in Austin, TX.  Service seems to be steady and focus continues to be on high reliability in select locations.  The location options count at VyprVPN is currently at only 8, but all locations offer the four VPN protocols.  The best part is their $9.99/mo for the lifetime of service is still active!

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Windows App software updates have included new features for users such as:

–Auto-Launch App on Login:  Configure the VyprVPN App to automatically launch when you login to your computer.
–Auto-Connect when the VyprVPN App Launches: Configure the VyprVPN App to automatically establish VyprVPN connections when the app is launched.
–Auto Reconnect if VyprVPN Connection Drops: Configure the VyprVPN App to automatically reconnect to VyprVPN if your connection drops.

vyprvpn for giganews windows app version 1.3 austin texas servervyprvpn for giganews windows app version 1.3 protocol selection


Our editors have been pretty impressed with the performance of their VyprVPN accounts so far in 2012.  Speeds in general are high and around the same as our earlier speed tests.  PPTP continues to the fastest and became a default for some editors.  For example watching the Olympics on BBC iPlayer worked great with a UK PPTP connection.  Using OpenVPN 160 or 256bit is just sacrificing speed that the streaming video sorely needs.  Occasionally locations did go offline for certain protocols at various times over the year, but that’s to be expected amongst all VPN services.  Our editors generally found the service to be back on and restored within a few hours.  Either way, selecting a new location or VPN protocol is easy with the Windows app and only takes a second.

The Windows App has continued to get better and both Linux and Mac OS X Versions are “Coming Soon”.  Considering it’s only been 10 months and there have been three updates, we’d say the team at Golden Frog is doing great.  Golden Frog definitely planned for this quick release cycle, having already incorporated automatic updates into the app itself.  All three updates have gone off without a hitch based on our editor feedback.  Always nice to see software continue working as usual after an update!

We will continue to have any eye on VyprVPN and our editors are looking forward to future updates of the VyprVPN Windows App.  Feel free to leave us your impression, and make sure to check out our speed test of VyprVPN OpenVPN, L2TP & PPTP!  Oh, and don’t forget about the $9.99/mo for life special.  Ten bucks a month for VPN for life has a nice ring to it…

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