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The VyprVPN app for Android is a push button simple VPN that can quickly secure your smartphone’s internet connection.  Complete with live widgets and server selection, the VyprVPN app for Android provides an excellent feature set.  The VyprVPN app for Android is just one of the many applications associated with the VyprVPN service.  In addition to Android, apps exist for Windows, Mac, and iOS.  The app for Android rounds out the family and provides total VPN coverage to all of your devices.  Available for free in the Android Play Store, the VyprVPN app is easily installed.  Once installed the app will need user/password credentials.  After that, just hit connect!  The VyprVPN app for Android can automatically search for the closest VPN server to ensure a fast connection.  In addition to selecting the closest server, the VyprVPN app for Android provides a listing of all available servers.

The service from VyprVPN has been continually improving over time with additions of new servers, more software apps, and better features.  It seems each time both the software and the service are getting better, which is great for customers.  Pricing remains low, and speeds are generally reported as good.  Our In Depth Review and Speed Test of VyprVPN showed some very fast speeds earlier.  Speeds this time around from the smartphone are also quite high for VyprVPN.  The availability of 4G LTE to smartphones has greatly increased network speeds for customers making it even more important for a good VPN.  Our tests using SpeedTest.net show good download and upload speeds from the service, whether on the cellular network or connected via Wifi.

So let’s take a look at the VyprVPN app for Android:

VyprVPN App for Android Review

Available for free in the Android Play Store, the VyprVPN app for Android is a compact and quick install.  Users are generally giving good feedback as evidenced by the 4 star rating.  Developers from Goldenfrog are also active in the comments. *pardon the old screenshot – illustration purposes only.

VyprVPN for Android App Play Store

Obviously users will need to provide permissions for the app.  The VPN will funnel all of your network traffic, which is the point, after all.

VyprVPN for Android App Permissions

The home screen for the app contains a simple and easy to use interface for server selection and push button connection/disconnect.

VyprVPN for Android App Server List

Connecting to the VyprVPN service using your smartphone is very easy.  Also on the home screen, the VyprVPN app displays the location and VPN protocol (OpenVPN).

VyprVPN for Android App Assigning IP

Security for the VyprVPN app for Android is very high with AES256 in use.  An additional feature that will automatically reconnect to VyprVPN if the phone gets disconnected can also increase the level of security for users.

VyprVPN for Android Log VPN Security AES256

Users wanting to automatically activate the VyprVPN, should enable the feature in the available Settings menu.  This will make sure VyprVPN automatically reconnects after a disconnection.

VyprVPN for Android App Settings

Your connection to VyprVPN is displayed in your status panel for easy viewing.  The connection status as well as the server location are displayed clearly to the user.

VyprVPN for Android Status Panel

Touching (selecting) the VyprVPN status will activate a small configuration window.  As you can see from our screenshot, it’s easy to stay connected to VyprVPN on your Android phone.  Our testers phone was connected for almost 2 hours straight while browsing the web, and testing out Dump Truck Online Storage.

One of the greatest features of the VyprVPN app for Android are the widgets.  VyprVPN app for Android currently comes with two available widgets: a 1×1 square, and a 4x horizontal bar.  The 4×1 horizontal bar is a sleek looking widget that should look quite nice on a modern smartphone.  Connection status, IP address, time, and server location are displayed to the user.

VyprVPN for Android Widgets Turned On

Simply tapping the icon on the widget can turn the VyprVPN on and off.  It’s an amazing convenience to add the widget to a home screen and quickly connect to VPN!  Our tests showed the live widget to be extremely responsive and very quick.  One tap for on, another for off.

VyprVPN for Android Widgets Turned Off

After tapping to connect, the 4×1 widget will display the status while turning on.  Users can view the authentication process from the widget status directly.

VyprVPN for Android Widgets Authenticating

Our speed test results showed very quick download speeds from VyprVPN.  For the purposes of our test both Wifi and cellular network were tested.  The Wifi results were very fast and indicative of the high speed broadband connection.  Our testers maximum download speed is 30mbit and VyprVPN is testing at 23mbit per sec!  That’s incredibly fast VPN, and on Android!

Wifi Speed Test Results

VyprVPN for Android Speed Test Results

This speed test is for their US Texas servers.  Using this server, our tester was consistently able to pull down high speeds even when on cellular network.  The testers 4G LTE service, which normally provides about 10mbit per sec, is testing at 9mbit per sec.  That’s VPN to your phone on a cell network at almost 10mbit!  We were impressed to say the least.  Other customers with 4G LTE service may experience significantly higher speeds – our testers 4G LTE is limited to about 10mbit per sec.  Having VyprVPN turned on and testing at almost 9mbit per sec is quite impressive.

4G LTE Speed Test Results

VyprVPN for Android Speed Test Results 2

Testing the VPN connection from VyprVPN over 3G also showed some pretty quick speeds available.  For this test we put VyprVPN through it’s paces for a few days.  Connecting to various county servers and staying on 3G cellular the entire time.  No Wifi and no 4G, just 3G cellular.  Our testers typical 3G connection pulls down about 1-1.5Mbit/sec from Sprint.  Tests from VyprVPN showed it was able to max the 3G connection without much problem, regardless of which country was selected.

Alright, that’s it for now.  We’ve put VyprVPN App for Android through its paces from installation to speed tests.  The ease of installation, powerful widgets, and connection speeds are all big selling points for this app and personal VPN service.  People are spending more and more time on their mobile devices and tablets, so it’s only natural that service providers start included apps to go along with their traditional “desktop VPN” service.  We are looking forward to watching as Goldenfrog continues to VyprVPN in the future.

For more on VyprVPN, check our VyprVPN Editors Review.  For Full Speed Test Results of VyprVPN, check our detailed pages for: VyprvPN PPTP & L2TP Speed Test Results, and VyprVPN OpenVPN Speed Test Results.

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