VyprVPN Full Speed Test of L2TP and PPTP VPN Servers!

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We have a full speed test of the L2TP and PPTP VPN services from VyprVPN! For those that don’t know, VyprVPN is from Goldenfrog, and is linked with the very popular Giganews usenet service provider. Anyone that is a Giganews diamond subscriber automatically receives free VPN from VyprVPN. We decided to conduct a full speed test of the basic VyprVPN offering that includes L2TP and PPTP VPN services, because it is the free package included with the Giganews diamond subscription. This way our readers can see just how much additional value they are getting from a diamond Giganews subscription, and how well the VyprVPN network performs.

To be perfectly clear, you can purchase VyprVPN on it’s own, and it is a relatively competitive price. There are two standalone packages available from VyprVPN. The basic package includes PPTP, while the advanced package adds L2TP and OpenVPN. For a full rundown of the packages, visit the VyprVPN website. Our full speed test covers only the L2TP and PPTP services. We will test both of the protocols and every server on these networks.

Overall, our tests showed an extremely quick network, although it may be smaller in terms of number of servers than some of the competitors. This is understandable, as VyprVPN is a relatively new offering. However, they have been expanding, adding a UK server just a few months ago. Our inside sources also tell us more expansion is planned at VyprVPN, so stay tuned for more updates.  The other thing to consider is that a bunch of slow servers is no good anyway, so what really matters are quality servers located in the right regions.  That way a provider can offer high speed service to the most customers.  VyprVPN does this quite well with servers in the US East, US West, Netherlands, UK, and in Hong Kong

Our test methodology, which we explain in detail in a Learn article here, essentially conducts a full speed test on each server. We test for ping (ms), download (KB/s), and upload (KB/s) on each server. We conduct multiple test runs on each server to minimize any bias or potential hiccups. The results are collected and some analysis is completed in order to provide more insight as to how the network is performing. All of our speed tests for download and upload are recorded in KiloBytes per second (KB/s). For more information on how KB/s compares to Kilobits per second (kb/s), or Megabits per second (mb/s), see our Learn article here.

Our US based East Coast editor performed these tests on a Sunday, around 3:00pm.  His connection is a standard cable modem, with a maximum download of about 30mbit/sec, and a maximum upload of 3mbit/sec.  This means anything near 3750KB/sec is basically maxing his download, and anything near 125KB/sec is basically maxing his upload.  Sunday is a good day to test on the US East region, since it is a high traffic time, and the servers should be seeing some load already from a large customer base.

A quick note on the SpeedTest.net result screenshots:  The grades do not mean much for our testing purposes since they compare our measured speeds to local speeds offered by the regional ISP’s.

First up, the PPTP VPN servers.

Selected SpeedTest.net Results for PPTP:

The speeds recorded from the PPTP servers are very high.  This is to be expected, because although PPTP is less secure, it is normally very fast.  Every server, with the exception of the Hong Kong server, is reporting speeds at, or above, 2000KiloBytes per second.  In our opinion, this is amazing performance.  It’s clear that VyprVPN is serious about offering high speed VPN service.  The PPTP offering would be great for those folks looking for a basic VPN service, as well as anyone looking for VPN on their mobile device.  You won’t see any bottlenecks, and your online experience should be almost as fast as your native connection.  One interesting thing to note was that the US West servers, located in Los Angeles, actually tested faster than the US East servers.  We considered this odd, since the editor is located in close proximity to the Washington DC area.  As a final note, VyprVPN includes 128-bit encryption on their PPTP VPN service, so it’s not completely unsecure.  PPTP is generally regarded as less secure than L2TP or OpenVPN.

Next up, the L2TP servers.

Selected SpeedTest.net Results for L2TP:

The L2TP speeds, although slower than PPTP, were still quite high.  We did expect some slow down from L2TP, since it is more secure than PPTP.  VyprVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption on L2TP, which will add some overhead when compared to PPTP.  That overhead should slow it down a bit, and our results indicate some speed reduction.  However, when you consider that all the L2TP servers (except Hong Kong), essentially performed around 1500KB/sec, you still have one really fast VPN service.  A speed of 1500KB/sec is more than enough to stream high definition video, as evidenced by the many download speed recommendations in our Learn article here.  It is also fast enough to keep your usenet downloads moving along without any problems.  1500KB/sec works out to about 1.5MegaBytes/second, in case you’re wondering.  The US East server in Washington took over first place, which makes sense considering the editors location.

A quick word on Hong Kong.  Both the PPTP and L2TP tests showed “slow” speeds from Hong Kong.  This is not unexpected.  Routing a connection from the east coast of the US through Hong Kong is adding considerable distance to the network connection.  This is evidenced from the high ping (>250ms).  The point of offering a Hong Kong server is to provide coverage to customers in, or near that region.  It wouldn’t make much sense for a US customer to connect through Hong Kong, unless they specifically needed an IP from that area for some reason.  For the most part, US customers are probably looking for high speed connections in the US, UK, and the Netherlands.  In each of these cases, the US customers can expect high speeds from either PPTP or L2TP via VyprVPN.  Speeds of 400KB/sec from Hong Kong are nothing to laugh at though, since that’s over 3megabit/sec.  You’ve still got enough to stream video, plenty for normal browsing, and 3mbit/sec is often times higher than some folks broadband connections in various parts of the world anyway.  Remember, all things in context…

The VyprVPN PPTP and L2TP networks performed very well in our speed tests, and our editors were very pleased with the results.  We always considered the VyprVPN service to be a quality offering, and our results here confirm that fact.  When you consider that PPTP and L2TP come free with the Giganews diamond plan, its hard to deny the value in the full package.  Both PPTP and L2TP will easily support high speed downloads from usenet, as well as the ability to watch streaming video online.

Look for an additional test of the VyprVPN OpenVPN offering in the near future, as well as an in depth review of the entire VPN service offering from start to finish.  As always, head over to our full review to see what the editor and customers have to say about VyprVPN!

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