The Review Format

Can you explain your review formats?

Sure!  Our reviews are very straight forward, but it might help to explain their format.

Reviews have 5 primary areas:

  1. Introduction – This is the short blurb found at the beginning of each review.  It is typically one or two paragraphs and quickly describes the service provider.
  2. Main Body – Clicking on “Read the Rest” or “Read Full Review & Feature List” will display the main body which comprises the rest of the review.  Editors will typically write anywhere from 3-5 (or more) paragraphs about a particular service provider.  The main body is our narrative describing the service provider, their features, and how well they compare against the competition.
  3. Editor’s Ratings – Editor’s Ratings are displayed  on the right hand side and indicate our editor’s opinion of the service and the provider.
  4. Feature List – Clicking on “Read Full Review & Feature List” will display all the features we are tracking and the values for that particular provider.  (Learn more about: Usenet Features, VPN Features)
  5. Overall Rating – At the very top of the service provider review, on the right hand side, is the overall rating.  The overall rating is a combination of the editor’s ratings and the customer ratings.