The Review Format

Can you explain your review formats?

Sure! Our reviews are very straight forward, but it might help to explain their format.

Reviews have 5 primary areas:

  1. IntroductionThis is the short blurb found at the beginning of each review. It is typically one or two paragraphs and quickly describes the service provider.
  2. Main BodyClicking onRead the Rest” lub “Read Full Review & Feature Listwill display the main body which comprises the rest of the review. Editors will typically write anywhere from 3-5 (or more) paragraphs about a particular service provider. The main body is our narrative describing the service provider, their features, and how well they compare against the competition.
  3. Editor’s RatingsEditor’s Ratings are displayed on the right hand side and indicate our editor’s opinion of the service and the provider.
  4. Feature ListClicking onRead Full Review & Feature Listwill display all the features we are tracking and the values for that particular provider. (Learn more about: Usenet Features, VPN Features)
  5. Overall RatingAt the very top of the service provider review, on the right hand side, is the overall rating. The overall rating is a combination of the editor’s ratings and the customer ratings.