Special Discount Deal Ratings

How Do You Rate the Special Discount Deals?

Well, if you aren’t already familiar with how we do our ratings, we suggest you start there first.  The ratings for special discount deals are done very similarly to the editors ratings for the respective services.  In a nutshell, deals are rated on the same categories as the services.  This means everything is rated for Value, Price, Speed, Protection, Reliability, Support, and in the case of Usenet – Retention.

Special discount deals that offer rock bottom prices on good service packages will be rated highly.  For example, UseNetServer and Newshosting both are offering great special discount deals on their Usenet services.  Both UNS and Newshosting are rated highly themselves, and the deals are great discounts.  These deals therefore receive very high ratings.

If a provider already has low editor ratings, and is offering a deal, the deal will likely be rated lower than a competitors similar deal when that competitor has high editor ratings.  In other words, if editor ratings are already low for a particular service provider, that will impact the deal ratings.  It wouldn’t make sense to rate a deal 5 stars for support when the provider only has 3 stars for support would it?  We don’t think so, so that’s why look to the editors ratings to influence some of the deal ratings.

As always, users can leave their feedback and ratings. This feedback and ratings will be included in the star rating for the special discount deal and determine the Top 5 Deals.

When special discount deals are rated highly it means two things:  first, the deal is good – it has a big discount; and second, the provider is good – they already have good ratings.