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什么会检讨网站将是一个没有差评或两个? 好, 做好准备…Binverse是由我们的编辑一个差评一个不幸的收件人. 现在只是要清楚, 我们没有这样做,所以我们有一个差评的网站. 这不是我们在这里. 我们的编辑觉得还有为什么Binverse缺乏相比,竞争正当理由. 首先,让我们触及高点 – Binverse收到来自商业改进局A D, 与 21 索赔申请 (截至记者发稿). 凭心而论, 虽然这是一个低级别, 所有 21 权利要求中列出的 “解决” 由BBB. 然而, 我们觉得这是当大部分的Usenet提供商的其余部分相比Binverse如何达不到的重要指标.

Binverse tends to do quite a bit of advertising via Google. Especially in the last 12 months or so. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they have made a whole lot of new customers very happy. In addition to the D from the BBB, Binverse also has a quite a following over at Our editors counted 以上 15 individual complaints posted from unhappy customers. Many of them are within the last 12 个月. Not good, not good at all. 在大多数情况下, both the BBB issues, and the complaints on the board are focused two major issues: customer service and thefree trial”.

So let’s tackle each of these problems. 第一, let’s hit thefree trial”. On their website Binverse clearly offers a Free Trial for new customers. Great, 右边? 好, watch out, because when you signup for the Free Trial you must also choose a legitimate service plan. The default option on the form is almost $100! 这是正确的, if you aren’t careful, when you signup for the free trial you get attached to the most expensive plan they offer! So what does this mean? 好, if you signup for the free trial, leave the default option, and don’t cancel in the trial periodyou are BONED. Reading the problems at BBB and ComplaintsBoard clearly indicates this Free Trial issue is a major, major hassle for their customers. Whether it’s the customers fault for not canceling, or the companies fault for not enlarging the fine print, we’ll let you be the judge. But there is our forewarningBE CAREFUL! One other note on the Free Trial: A few customers actually report seeing $3 charges on their cards for the Free Trial signup. Uh-oh…$3 is definitely not equal to Free. 再次 – BE CAREFUL!

现在, this wouldn’t be so terrible if Binverse had amazing customer service. They could simply reverse the charges, and maybe even figure out a way to turn these problem trial accounts into happy paying customers. But that doesn’t appear to be happening; at least based on the board and the BBB complaints. Whether it is rude customer service over the phone, phantom free trial charges, or problems with their softwarethe complaints from the customers indicate a definite themebad customer service. Many people indicate that they had to contact their card companies to ultimately solve the problem, and this does not speak well of Binverse.

On the technical side, Binverse is a usenet provider, like others, that utilizes proprietary software in their service offering. The Binvserse Usenet software is basically the backbone of their Usenet service. This isn’t all bad, other companies do the same thing. But with the increasing availability of web services for usenet, and the always reliable traditional NNTP-type Newsreaders, we find it difficult to give Binverse high marks on the technical side. Their number of simultaneous connections is really low, and their binary retention isn’t that great either. Add to this the above mentioned customer complaints, and well, perhaps now you’re starting to see why our editors have issues with Binverse.

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