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Easynews az eredeti, web-alapú Usenet szolgáltatás, amely megkönnyíti a böngészéshez, előnézet, és letölthető a hírcsoportok. Több mint 15 év, Easynews nyújtott prémium Usenet hozzáférést közvetlenül a böngészőben. Semmit sem telepíteni ... egyszerűen jelentkezzen be és kezdje a böngészést! Ha új vagy a Usenet, akkor a web-alapú hírcsoport böngésző a tökéletes választás a kezdéshez. Pár percen belül máris böngészi newsgroups olyan könnyen, mint webhelyek böngészése, egyszerű navigáció, miniatűr előnézetét és gyors, egyszerű letöltését ... jobb a böngészőjében! Easynews is támogatja NNTP, így könnyen elérheti Usenet kedvenc hírolvasó.

A Usenet által nyújtott szolgáltatás Easynews "ugyanolyan egyszerű dolog". Ezek egyike azon kevés cégek arra nézve, hogy az ügyfelek képesek letölteni közvetlenül a böngészőből. Bár egyesek szerint ez "optimálisnál", ez jelentős előnyt az új felhasználóknak, mert annyira rohadt egyszerű. Nem kell hírolvasó szoftver, Azt sem kell beírni, szerver és felhasználói paraméterek. Akkor csak be a saját honlapján, keresés, és a letöltés megkezdéséhez. Teljesen problémamentes. Persze akkor egy hírolvasó, ha szeretné, amely legtapasztaltabb Usenet felhasználók megy el alapértelmezés szerint.

Easynews has always been known for having low cost plans, and they are continuing that tradition. Although their low cost plans come with download quotas (just like every other providers low cost plan), you still get quality Easynews service. If you’re looking for one of the cheapest ways to get Usenet, you should be looking at Easynews. Their lowest cost plan has a fairly good quota amount when compared to other providers. They also offer a number of bonuses to increase your monthly quota like the completion of surveys, loyalty gigs, NNTP discount, and monthly rollover. Their top tier plan also has a download quota – which seems odd, considering almost every other provider removes the quota from the high end expensive plans. Of course the quota is 150GB on the high end, which even an experienced Usenet junkie would be hard pressed to exceed in 30 nap! Combine that with the bonuses mentioned earlier and the 150GB increases to over 200GB per month. Consider that you have monthly rollover, and well it’s basically unlimited!

Április 2011 Frissítés: Easynews has increased their retention to an amazing 910+ nap! The Easynews site has begun displaying 972 days for each of their 3 plans, and costs have remained the same! In addition to the retention upgrade they have released a new version of their web interface for usenet downloading. Some of the cool new updates include the ability to import NZBs, and improved search speed. All around great news for Easynews customers.

Június 2011 Frissítés: Easynews has been making a ton of improvements this summer and adding lots of new deals! First there is the addition of an NNTP only unlimited plan for only $9.95 egy hónap! This is a great deal for those that use only newsreaders and don’t need, or want, access to the Easynews web interface. Forewarning though, Easynews is best known for their amazing web interface! Then there is the new summer special FREE trial availabe: 14 nap / 100GB! This is definitely one of the best trials our editors have ever seen because it has such an extended period of time (typically free trials are 3 days or 1 week), and it has such a high download limit (typically free trials include only 5/10/20GB).

Április 2012 Frissítés: Easynews reaches 1,330 Január bináris megőrzési!

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7 Válaszok “EasyNews”

  1. Charlie says:
    April 22nd, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    Easynews was my first usenet provider and I have always had a special place in my heart for them. Ever since like 2003 vagy 2004, way back before they prettied up their website 🙂 Or even offered free SSL. Now all that has changedand gotten awesome. You really can’t go wrong with EasyNews and their web interface for downloading and searching is great. They have really come a long way since I first used them!

  2. MarcT says:
    May 5th, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    Have been using Easynews for a few years now and really love the web interface. Easynews is definitely the best at providing a fully functional web interface for search and download. The retention on the web service is not that great though (csak 200 nap). You get full retention if you go through a regular newsreader (NNTP access). That’s the reason I give the retention 4 csillag, although their binary retention for NNTP is really high. The choices, and speeds at which the service is delivered are also excellent. I regularly max out my download speeds (20Mb / s). Headers are free and the rollover gigs make the quota plans a lot more appealing. Pricing is pretty good, but I think there may be cheaper plans out there from other providers, so 4 csillag, but the others don’t have the great web interfaceso it’s a tradeoff. Overall very good, I plan on sticking with them for awhile.

  3. Harry says:
    Június 16., 2011 at 12:48 am

    Have been a member of Easynews for over 10 év! They are the best and I’m sure they will keep up the good work! The web interface and easy access is what sold me at first, but I have come back year after year because of the reliability and improvements they have made along the way. 100% 5 csillag. You have a member for life!

  4. EEZay says:
    Október 27., 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Easynews is absolutely the best choice for usenet. Totally love their web interface. I barely even use a newsreader anymore because of it. Makes video, pictures, audio much much easier to search and retrieve. The plans are super cheap and I find the speeds to be really high on my laptop whether I’m at home or away. I even found an easynews app for my phone! Don’t use support, but I put 5 stars because it’s probably good.

  5. Bastia says:
    December 4th, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Web interface makes search and download super easy. TV, Movies, pictures, tök mindegy…Retention for the web interface is a little low though.

  6. FKACiD says:
    April 2nd, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    this has been my goto usenet for more than five years. always cheap, gyors, and includes ssl. works great with the phone now too. amazing that its all unlimited.

  7. Harper says:
    May 16th, 2012 at 5:23 am

    Easynews was my first usenet plan. Switched around a few times chasing discounts and have always ended up back at Easynews.

    Ár – I find that they are extremely low. Occasionally you can find a good deal that will have lower prices somewhere else. Those promotions can be good but Easynews price always seems low.
    Speed – Always fast. It’s been maxing my connection or their stated speed (back when it was like 6mbps). I’m on cable now and get my 20-30mbps constantly. It’s nice to download at 2MegaBytes at sec!
    Védelem – SSL. I remember when you had to pay extra. Soha többé.
    Visszatartás – Always pretty good. I rarely have problem completion.
    Megbízhatóság – Aha, pretty much always there. I think I can maybe remember one or two times in teh past couple years where the newsreader wouldn’t connect.
    Támogatás – Never had to use them, but my orders are always completed easily.

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