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Indeksi tarbijad, Interneti-teenuse pakkujad, telekommunikatsioonifirmasid, ja multi-teenust osutavate ettevõtjate üle 170 erinevates riikides, Giganews on vaieldamatu tööstuse juht Usenet teenused. Giganews uudistegruppide pakkuda kõige kiiremini, kõige usaldusväärsem Usenet kogemus planeedil. Nende uudisteserverid pakkuda kõrgeima kvaliteediga uudistegrupi säilitamise ja täielikkust saadaval.

Giganews on millega tööstusharu standardiks Usenet teenus pikk, long time. They are consistently raising the bar by which other Usenet providers are measured. This is especially true of binary retention. Currently Giganews has the highest retention of all Usenet providers. This is pretty insane when you consider it is over 1200 päeva! That’s more than 3 aastat binaarne säilitamine!

Kuigi nad ei pruugi odavaim Usenet pakkuja, they do offer the best value. Giganews accomplishes this by providing a quality product, with loads of additional features and benefits. All customers receive the Giganews Accelerator to help speed up and compress their downloads. Customers in the top tiers also receive VyprVPN (VPN teenus, $15/mo väärtus) ja MIMO (Uudistelugeja / otsing).

Redesigned Giganews Control Panel Includes VyprVPN and Dump Truck!

Lisaks ülemine piir tasuta uudistelugeja ja isiklik VPN teenust, Giganews ka tasuta online ladustamise abil Dump Truck. Customers wanting to take advantage of the great bundle should look at the Diamond plan. Although it is a bit more pricey, teenus on tõesti hämmastav paketi kui mõelda, et see sisaldab: Unlimited Usenet, Unlimited VPN (desktop ja mobiilside), and Free Online Storage. Both VyprVPN ja kalluriga on 100% mobile valmis with applications for Android/iOS. Customers shopping for usenet that are also interested in VPN and online storage would do well to compare the Diamond plan with the price of separate offerings from other providers.

Learn more about the mobile ready online storage from Dump Truck

Tasuta online ladustamise teenust kaasas Giganews töötab iga mobiili, lauaarvuti, or web browser enabled device. Dump Truck offers free apps for Win/Mac, Android / iOS, and your web browser. You can securely backup, sünkroonida, and share your files to the cloud using Dump Truck. Giganews Diamond customers receive 30GB free online storage service. All other Giganews customers automatically receive 5GB free. For a complete rundown on Dump Truck with üle 20 Ekraanikuvad, vaadake meie täielikku Kalluriga online ladustamise läbivaatamine.

Dump Truck in the Cloud

Nende teenuste kvaliteedi, combined with superior features and benefits is further improved by their commitment to customer service and support. Rarely is there ever a negative review of Giganews. Tegelikult, normally the only time a customer leaves Giganews is when they see a “better deal” at a competitor. Of course this is typically followed by that customers return to Giganews a few months later after the deal expires!

Giganews & VyprVPN Updates Include Mobile and Online Storage

Lihtsamalt öeldes, you can’t go wrong with Giganews. It’s worth every penny, ja sa oled garanteeritud jääda tipptasemel Usenet teenus nii kaua kui on oma klientide.

Tasuta prooviversioon: 14 päevase tasuta prooviversiooni saadaval, tühistada igal ajal ilma küsimusi esitamata.

Aprill 2011 Ajakohastama: Giganews on teinud mõned uuendused, et toimetajad ei tahtnud välja tulla, et meie lugejad tuhatnelja! First and foremost, Halb uudis…ülemisele korrusele kava, Diamond Plan, has increased in cost by $4.00. It is now $34.99 (oli $29.99). But, on ton hea uudis! That extra few bucks is now paying for retention that is 1000+ päeva!! Like we said, ja usaldame oma otsuse, Giganews has the best retention in the business. That retention is also part of the middle tier package as well (super varastada). Another piece of good news, Giganews on jooksvalt läbi online ladustamise oma klientidele! Talk about your all-in-one shop! Usenet+VPN+Storage = Oh Yeah Baby! You can read more about the rollout here: Giganews Blog

August 2011 Ajakohastama: Giganews on tabanud hämmastav 3 Aastat binaarne säilitamine! Congratulations Giganews! Meie uudiste mälestatakse selles awesome saavutus.

Oktoober 2011 Ajakohastama: Giganews on alanud saates kutseid isiklikuks online ladustamise teenust, Dump Truck! Tutvu meie uudiste kui üksikasjad.

Jaanuar 2012 Ajakohastama: 2012 on väljas võistlused Giganews vabastades värskendusi oma kontrollpaneeli, VyprVPN, ja online ladustamise! Nüüd Diamond kliendid saavad tasuta 30GB online ladustamise via Dump Truck! Vaadake kõiki üksikasju meie uudiste.

Oktoober 2012 Ajakohastama: Giganews is still exploding their retention. Binaries are now at 1525+! That’s over 4 aastat säilitamine! Combine this with the current special on the Diamond plan and you have some amazing value. For ainult $ 17,49 / mo sa saad: piiramatu useneti, 30GB kallur online ladustamise, MIMO useneti brauseris + otsing, and unlimited personal VPN with VyprVPN. Check out Giganews!

Jaanuar 2013 Ajakohastama: Levikuga Dump Truck on nüüd valmis ja Giganews klientidel on tasuta online ladustamise saadaval! Giganews Diamond plan customers receive 30GB free while all others receive 5GB. Dump Truck provides secure and easy online storage with apps available for your desktop, veebibrauseris, ja mobiilne seade.

Märts 2013 Ajakohastama: Oleme valmis täielikku ülevaadet Dump Truck online ladustamise teenust! Check out the free Dump Truck apps for Windows, Mac, Android, ja iOS üle 20 Ekraanikuvad näitab paigaldus, kasutamine, and performance of the service. Meie toimetajad annavad Dump Truck 5 Stars!

Märts 2014 Ajakohastama: Tons of updates to Dump Truck, VyprVPN, ja Giganews Usenet! üle 2000 päeva hoidmine, koormate uusi VPN serverid, and too many feature expansions to list. Absolutely kuumim teenuseid turul rolled into one $19.99/mo plan. The Platinum plan includes unlimited Usenet, VyprVPN Basic, and 5GB of personal online storage with Dump Truck. And can you believe it, nad langenud hind on Diamond kava tavapärasest $34.99 to now $29.99/mo. Amazing. New signups can get Diamond for only $14.99/mo for the first three months. Has to be the best signup deal hands down! Diamond plan includes Unlimited Usenet, VyprVPN Pro, ja 30GB kalluriga ladustamine.

Jaanuar 2015 Ajakohastama: Giganews continues expanding, improving retention, bundling more features and scores a victory against a DMCA troll. Giganews retention is now over 2346 päeva! Almost 6.5 YEARS of retention! Plans have changed a bit, with all service plans now including a free 5GB of Dump Truck online storage. Additionally, a new plan has been rolled out calledPlatinum”. Platinum is similar to the traditional Diamond plan (the most expensive), but it reduces the VyprVPN features and reduces the cost to $19.99/month. On the legal front, Giganews scores a major victory over DMCA trollPerfect 10being found not responsible for copyright infringement. Way to go Giganews!

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11 Vastused “GigaNews”

  1. Bob says:
    December 13th, 2010 juures 8:44 pm

    I’ve used Giganews for years. Along the way, I’ve tried lower cost providers and always gone back to Giganews. Speed and complete retention are always top notch with Giganews.

    The way I look at it Sunday brunch easily costs as much as a month of Giganews. Giganews gives me a lot more pleasure than brunch and it lasts a lot longer.

  2. Nick O says:
    December 24th, 2010 juures 11:13 olen

    I have been using Giganews for over a year now. I subscribe to their top tier package. It’s a little expensive bit its worth it. I am very happy with the speeds, but mostly the retention. They are always at the top for that. I recommend Giga because they know their stuff.

  3. Andrew ütleb:
    April 24th, 2011 juures 9:01 pm

    I’m all about the Giganews. It’s basically the cadillac of usenet providersthey give you everything. Kiirus, ssl, newsreader, vpn, and they are working on online storage now too. The plans cost a little bit more but they are totally worth it if you get the top of the line package. Once I subscribed, I couldn’t go back to anything else.

  4. Dan Nelson says:
    April 29th, 2011 juures 9:05 pm

    5 days until Giganews hits 1000 päeva hoidmine! I’ve been with Giganews for probably 3 aastat…maybe more. They have never let me down, and this new retention is going to make them even better. Go go Giganews! It’s too bad you don’t have more than 5 stars for retention!!

  5. Loyal says:
    May 10th, 2011 juures 5:43 pm

    Giganews salute! A Diamond in the Digital World! This is the best usenet subscription service available. It has been a part of my internet life for as long as I’ve had a broadband connection. I can’t imagine not having a Giganews subscription. Keep up the amazing work! I also want to say that VyprVPN has been a life saver when traveling. Sometimes it’s been the only way I could get online at some funky WiFi sites. Definitely makes the diamond plan worth it, and then some. Thanks for all the extras! 5 stars!

  6. Zach says:
    14. mai, 2011 juures 11:36 olen

    The Giganews service is by FAR the most reliable, most effective, and with out a doubt the fastest service around. The other companies just trytheir best to copy Giganews. I have been a customer for many years now and that will never change as long as their service remains this consistent and evolutionary. They have done amazing things over the last few years by including more extras and improving their service. My hat goes off to you, GigaNews! All I can say is thank you and I consider it a privilege to send you money each month. Five Stars!

  7. Oliver says:
    June 2nd, 2011 juures 6:49 pm

    Giganews is the best usenet provider, hands down, no question.

    -Maksimaalne kiirus
    -Kuni 50 Lines
    -Highest Rentention
    -High Quality Service
    -High Quality Support/24hours/365Day

    I am using this giganews usenet service now for over 4 Years, there’s nothing to complain about the entire time. I don’t think I’ll ever switch to another provider, and I always reccomend Giganews usenet to my friends. The price is a little high, but I agree with your editorsyou get a lot of extras, especially the VPN. And that more than makes up for the cost of the diamond package.

  8. kj says:
    February 4th, 2012 juures 12:38 olen

    giganews always impresses. have been with them for years and wouldn’t think of leaving. peace of mind, usaldusväärsus, speeds, completion and tons of other stuff (that i sometimes don’t need). i haven’t played around with the new online storage but i do use vpn and that works well. probably the most expensive usenet but well worth it imho.

  9. taylor says:
    12. veebruar, 2012 juures 1:20 pm

    I have been using Giganews for over 4 aastat. Came here looking for some coupons, but didn’t find any! They can be a little expensive, especially if you add it up over a year, but you get a lot for what you pay for. I just started using the online storage and the vpn, so I sorta consider that part of my subscriptionstill I wish it was cheaper! Great usenet service tho.

    toimetajad märkus: sorry to hear about the coupons/discounts! we are actually working on reviving some of special deals for 2012, so please check again soon!

  10. LATgenius says:
    April 12th, 2012 juures 11:45 pm

    Upgraded from the basic plan to the diamond plan a few months ago. Much better retention and love the vpn too. Came here to see if there was any discount for the diamond loosk like I’ll have to reregister lol. Speeds are max everytime and I love that the most. 5 stars for sure there.

  11. [PFF]Xray says:
    July 18th, 2013 juures 2:59 pm

    been rocking giganews for many years now. All my friends typically use block accounts now but I’ve stuck with Giganews since I’ve had it for so long and now I’ve got a bunch of stuff in the dumptruck portion too 😀 That’s great for the private sharing now tooexcellent like rapidshare

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