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NewsDemon provides blazing fast Usenet access over their best-in-class news server hardware. They have servers in the United States and Europe, which provides great coverage for both US and international customers.  NewsDemon provides affordable access to newsgroups through their 256-Bit secure server connections at the fastest possible speeds. They employ direct peering connections between the U.K. and European server farm, so U.K. and European customers experience the same blazing fast speeds as the U.S. customers.

NewsDemon has been around for a good number of years and is generally considered a premium provider.  The plans and service offered by NewsDemon are competitive with the best of the best, and you should pay particular attention to their middle-tier (medium) and their premium (high end) plans when doing your comparison shopping.  While some providers are tempted to raise rates, NewsDemon is offering a lifetime lock-in for their premium subscribers.  If you’re a long time Usenet junkie, that could make a significant difference to you down the road.  Their pricing for block (non-expiring / non-term) plans is also quite competitive, if you’re into that type of service.

Unfortunately their binary retention is not the best, but it is still very respectable, especially when considering their pricing structure.  2/2012 Update, Newsdemon is now near the top of the industry in binary retention with over 1200 days ! It’s also worth mentioning that NewsDemon has been consistently increasing their retention over the last few years (just like many other providers).

The team over at NewsDemon also does a great job of promoting Usenet, and being a good steward of all things Newsgroups/Usenet related.  Their website offers a lot of good educational material on Usenet, which is great for anyone that is new to the concept, or just wants to brush up on their Usenet history.  In 2010 NewDemon was actually able to interview two of the original creators of Usenet and toast the 30th birthday of Usenet!

The website over at NewDemon has gone through a resdesign recently and all of our editors agree that the new layout and customer control panel are awesome.  Everyone also loves their “Demon” mascot – great job on the redesign guys!  2/2012 Update, Newsdemon offers live support via online chat on their website.

As a last and final note, if you’re currently employed at a college/university as faculty or staff – you may be eligible for a free account through NewsDemon.  They also offer free accounts to employees of qualified charities and qualified media outlets.  Like we said, NewsDemon is a great steward and promoter of Usenet!

May 2011 Update: Newsdemon has recently added a free newsreader to all of their accounts!  Customers will now receive a copy of Newsrover, regardless of which of their subscription plan.  This is a great addition and almost a $25 value!  Newsdemon has also surpassed the 1000 day mark on their binary retention!   Their retention increase and free newsreader keeps them in the top tier of usenet providers and offering competitive usenet packages at  affordable prices.

June 2011 Update: Newsdemon has come up with an amazing summer special discount!  Their unlimited plans with 50 simultaneous connections are now available for only $7/mo when you signup for their 3 month discount offer.  You better hurry though, NewsDemon is only making this offer available for a limited time and a limited number of signups will be allowed.  Please visit our post in the deals section to learn more about this amazing discount offer from NewsDemon!

February 2012 Update:  Another amazing SALE from Newsdemon!  Super Unlimited Pro accounts for $7/month introductory and $10/month afterwards.  Unlimited with online storage!  Check out our news bulletin for all the details.

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2 Responses to “NewsDemon”

  1. first! says:
    July 20th, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    FIRST! LOL! Been using Newsdemon ever since I started USENET. Have never ever had a problem with them. I did have to contact support once but that was due to a problem with my newsreader (newsbin). They helped me fix it promptly. Speeds always max my cable connection and their retention has only gotten better lately. Don’t see why I would ever switch. Only takes me about 10 minutes to download some of my fav tv shows! (that i also own on dvd, of course!)

  2. its ok says:
    February 4th, 2012 at 12:49 am

    Newsdemon is pretty good but I don’t know why you would rank them first. For the most part, you can find cheaper if you buy longer term. And you can find more extras like online storage if you want that too elsewhere. They do a pretty good job though. I haven’t switched just because it’s easy to renew and the price isn’t bad. All in all, I’ll probably stay with them.

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