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Newsgroup Direct is another one of those usenet service providers that offers a complete service package at a competitive price.  Although they are not typically considered one of the “major players”, they are quickly becoming a tough competitor amongst the top tier providers.  Newsgroup Direct is accomplishing this by offering quality access plans at affordable prices, and wrapping the right extras to entice customers to join.  Newsgroup Direct maintains multiple worldwide usenet newsgroups servers and this means customers don’t have to wait forever to be able to read a newsgroup message, or download a binary.  Their plans are priced fairly well, and when comparing them to the other large competitors, the extras offered keep them competitive against even the largest of the large usenet providers.

Their low and middle tier offerings of monthly access both have download quotas, but the download quotas are fairly high in terms of GB allowed.  The middle tier, especially, has a quota that some users might not even hit with fairly high useage (your mileage may vary though!).  Newsgroup Direct has also been upgrading their binary retention with the rest of the providers, and they have crossed that 900 day binary milestone.  Customers can feel confident that the retention upgrades will continue, and they should be able to find anything that you might have missed in the past year, or two… Newsgroup Direct makes a point of talking about their hardware upgrades in terms of reliability as well.  Our editors felt that this commitment to improvement really makes them stand out in the field of usenet service providers.  Another feature our editors took note of was the high number of simultaneous connections allowed on their middle and top tier plans.  You don’t typically see more than 30 connections, so having 50 available was a pleasant surprise!

In comparison to the rest of the providers, where Newsgroup Direct really shines is the bundling of extras to provide a complete package for their customers.  NewsgroupDirect customers get the full-featured, premium Newsrover newsgroup reader software at no charge.  But, this is only one of the cool extras customers get when they sign up with Newsgroup Direct.  Online Storage is also provided by NewsgroupDirect, and that gives customers 30 GB of online storage to use as needed.  This extra is offered through their partners at StorageNinja.  Online storage is a great match for usenet service, and it also gives customers the peace of mind that their critical files safe and secure.  The 30GB of storage should be enough to store some usenet files downloaded, and/or some important file backups in case of emergency.

If you’re looking for a decent plan, and would also be interested in some great extras, then you should check out Newsgroup direct.  Our editors were very impressed with their service offerings and felt that the prices for their monthly access plans were quite competitive.

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