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Newsrazor has been in the Usenet Business since 2006 and those years of experience have helped them create one of the most reliable and fast usenet server infrastructures in the industry. Their multiple 10 gigabit fiber backbone connections in the US and Europe and direct connections to many broadband ISP providers gives customers the fastest possible access to their usenet servers with the lowest number of hops and extremely low latency.  This translates into extremely fast downloads for customers that will easily allow them to max out their download speeds.  In addition their 256-bit SSL Encryption available on all connections keeps your browsing secure and private.   NewsRazor has a strict policy of never sharing your information with outside parties or tracking your usage (unless required by law).

Although Newsrazor tends to fly below most people’s radar, they have been a premium Usenet provider for over 5 years now.  The plans they offer are quite competitive, whether you are looking at the low/medium/high end – it doesn’t really matter.  The pricing and features they offer keep them competitive with the big boys.  Their medium tier plan is very well positioned with unlimited downloads, SSL, and good retention.  Considering the inexpensive price, it’s a really great plan.  The only thing that separates it from their high plan is the reduced number of simultaneous connections.  But, in reality, you will still be maxing your download speed – so many people won’t even notice the difference.  Grabbing their medium plan is a great way to get premium usenet and save a few bucks in the process.

Newsrazor doesn’t offer a lot of extra bells and whistles like some providers, and that may make a difference if you are looking for things like a free newsreader.  Of course if you know where to look, you can find free newsreaders on the web anyway…or pick up a cheap copy of Newsbin.  We mention the bells and whistles because many usenet providers are trying to differentiate themselves by offering them to entice customers to buy premium plans, or pay a few more bucks for the service.  The flip side of that is that some people don’t need the extras and are just looking to save a few bucks.  It’s nice to have options isn’t it? In any case, if you’re thinking of going with Newsrazor you can take advantage of their free trial to test the waters.  Free trials are a great way to test out a service and see what kind of speeds you get on your connection.  Nothing wrong with trying before you buy!

April 2011 Update: Newsrazor has upgraded their binary retention to a whopping 900 days!  They have also started running a new promo to get 50% off your first two months!  What a great way to celebrate the retention upgrade!

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