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Power Usenet is a quality usenet provider that often gets overlooked by people shopping around.  Why is this?  Well, because until recently their retention hadn’t caught up with the rest of the competition.  Not anymore, as of summer 2011 their retention has jumped from 800 to 1092 days for binaries!  Talk about a massive increase.  They jumped by almost a year!  We expect this will bring Power Usenet back into the top tier provider club, and should put it back on people’s radar when shopping for quality usenet access.

Usenet service from Power Usenet has actually been available for many years, and they are relatively well known in many usenet circles.  Still, we often found them lacking when it came to retention.  Their service itself is actually top notch.  It includes 256bit encryption, unlimited downloads, and unlimited speed.  Everything you expect from a quality provider.  Completion is always good with Power Usenet as well.  We have yet to see, or hear of any complaints really regarding their service.

They separate their plans by the number of connections offered.  Fifteen bucks will get you 15 connections, and an extra fiver will bump it up 30 connections.  Again, when you look at the service on its face – they are highly competitive.  Unlimited downloads, unlimited speed, SSL, and lots of simultaneous connections.  Unfortunately they do not offer discounts for long term subscriptions, so the price is per month only.  Then again, in our experience, most usenet customers are on monthly plans rather than opting for yearly plans – even though buying a year at a time can often save 30% to 40% over the term.  Sometimes it’s just easier to spend a few extra bucks per month than drop a large sum all at once.  To each their own.

One of the notable bonuses from Power Usenet is that they are dedicated to privacy.  They do not provide information to third parties, nor do they track downloads.  Not that other companies readily give user info out, but Power Usenet makes a point of advertising their commitment to privacy.  Since they don’t log, and you have 256bit SSL, you can feel pretty good about your usenet activity being private.

We should also mention that the free trial that Power Usenet offers is quite nice at 5 days/10GB.  It’s a good way to test out the service to see how it works for you.  Support from Power Usenet is 24/7 with email being the primary method.

If you are a Time Warner, Sprint, or Verizon ISP customer then Power Usenet has setup a special deal for you!  Since those ISP’s saw fit to drop usenet access for their customers, Power Usenet has been offering 50% off for the first two months.  Not bad at all, when you consider they started this promotion in 2008, and have kept it going ever since!

August 2011 Update: Power Usenet has increased their binary and text retention!  Check out the news bulletin for complete details.

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